Legrica 40k

RT13: And Justice For All

Our heroes had just come crashing through the ceiling of a derelict warehouse and into the middle of a whole bunch of angry, drugged up gangers. The party unleashed all their firepower on the goons that came pouring out; loosing grenades, bullets and holy promethium.

Inside the main office, Zeidle was fighting against Animyra like a cornered animal. He used some device that caused the air around him to shimmer like a bubble. But it didn’t stop Haleth from leaping across the desk to tackle him.

Seeing an opportunity, the ordos xenos interrogator Maeve chose that moment to enter the scene. Her twin stripped down conversion beamers lanced through the wall of the warehouse and down the hall full of gangers, disintegrating them where they stood. Then all attention turned to Zeidle, cowering in the corner. He pleaded for his life, playing his last card and exposing Helina‘s granddaughter as an unsanctioned psychic, a fact that would ruin Helina’s good ancestral name. Maeve showed no mercy, overloading his shield and watching him vaporize. All that remained of the gang lord was a pile of messy rags and a dog tag; an ancient custom marking someone of the Imperial Guard.

Sweeping up any further evidence she could find, the group quickly exited the building as it began to collapse from the sustained damages. Maeve then set off to deliver Inquisitorial justice to Helina, with the party shortly in tow. Maeve dragged the pleading administrator from her home and down to the cells where the psychic child was kept. The child was a ticking time bomb, a conduit for the warp, and Helina had put everyone on the station in danger to protect her name. The only justice to be had was to execute the both of them. But before Maeve could pull the trigger on the child, Haleth pulled his own, shooting the interrogator in the back of the head. The interrogators body slumped to the ground. Then Haleth pulled his second trigger and shot the child. The shock was undeniable. Fearing mass chaos and retribution, the party quickly made for their shuttle-craft. All but Guts that is, who was oblivious to all that had taken place in the cells.


Telahnus Telahnus

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