Legrica 40k

RT17: Bright Lights, Big City

The ship was in immaculate condition. The Warp jump to Lesalia was as smooth as could be, despite any lack of practice. Landing the ship in the outer Lorenth trading ports, the crew realized they did not actually know who they were delivering the relic to, having killed the man that had signed the contract. Fortunately, a young missionary and her charge quickly approached them, offering to act as their guide in exchange for passage off planet.

Channa led them down the main thoroughfare towards the Grand Ascendancy Spire, built into the wall separating Leunt and Lorenth. On the way down, the Spire erupted to great fanfare. In the Spire itself, they bore witness to thousands of worshipers in the process of self-flagellation at the behest of a zealous confessor named Zalmour Lucianada. Asher explained that the practice was meant to deliver souls, trapped within the toxic atmospheres of the planet, up to the cemetery moon above.

Zalmour was distrustful of the band of rogues, but relented when told of the relic. The Cardinal-Astra, Marcel Funebris, was on the cemetery moon to receive the soul of the Notherab Prince. Upon his return, the ancient priest confirmed the relic as the severed power glove of Saint Gallus. Despite much protest from Zalmour, Marcel convinced the crew to continue their dealings with the Ecclesiarchy. They would deliver the relic to the cenotaph being built on Lesalia, leading a pilgrimage along the way. In return, the crew would find increased cooperation from the Ministorum, a squad of Adeptus Sororitas to command and help guard the relic and a generous tithe collected from the Ascendancy Spires of Lesalia. With the main business on Lesalia completed, the crew prepared for the next leg of their journey.


Telahnus Telahnus

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