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DH5: The plot thickens

All in a day's work

Quick summary of the events

  • The Warband met with Pontifex Magnus Paruta to prepare the return of the Tithe and gather information about the start of the gang war.
  • Interrogated gangers and the imprisoned Helina Kyrinov, previous Pontifex of the station.
  • Pretended to fit Mad Mel with a brain chip to have him under their control.

Detailed log

Meeting the roi fainéant

Heading to the citadel, the Warband hoped to meet with Magnus Paruta to know about the instability that lead to the complete stop of the tithe payments. Since the order was about to be brought back on Paletton, this information was crucial.

Magnus was in the middle of a sermon when the protagonists walked in. Some of them joined in pious communion until the Pontifex was done. Joining them afterwards, he gladly answered their pressing questions. They learned that The Chosen of Gallus took a good part of Magnus’ “flock” on their pilgrimage that starts on Lesalia. Given that there were less “Good men”, the Tithe payment slowed down until a complete stop.

The Warband also asked about the previous Pontifex, Helina Kyrinov. Apparently she was imprisoned after she would have been found harbouring an unsanctioned psyker. According to Magnus, this psyker would be deceased. He seemed evasive on that subject, referring us to Inquisitor Surano for further details.

Professional interrogation

And so did the protagonists. Taking their first respite since they woke up in the gaol of the enforcers on the same day, the Warband let their Inquisitor, Masa Surano enjoy the present they brought her. Indeed, she was busy torturing the prisoner. Once the screams quelled down, Surano joined back with them, now wearing her full power amor. She seemed puzzled by the question and did not give further information on the subject.

Having a plan budding in his mind, Severan introduced the idea of replacing Zeidle by another criminal. With the gang war stopped and with the profit of Slo-mo, a strong leader could pay the Tithe as he makes good profit. She gave the green light to her taskforce to initiate this plan.

Still some more interrogation

Before meeting with Mel again, the Warband stopped by the Enforcers station and initiate a pretty convoluted subterfuge. First, Severan eased their way in by seducing the receptionist. That had allowed them to meet with Sergeant Bertrenus as he was meeting with a battle-stained officer. Half-pretending to be an Enforcer from Lesalia investigating the Slo-mo drug ring, he extracted some more information out of them and secured an interrogation with prisoners captured from the battle at the shuttle bay.

From Bertrenus, they learned that One Eyed Jack was taken captive. Furthermore, they were told that Sledge was wounded but still on the run, but most his and Jack’s men were captured.

Being granted access to the detention level, the Warband saw a [[DH2: Gangs at war | very familiar holding cell]], this time filled with criminal of Blue and Green colours. Severan saw a great opportunity. He asked Hypathia to go get some refreshments. She understood the message and went to interrogate Helina Kyrinov that was held in the more permanent holding cells.

From the prisoners, they learned that Sledge was probably hiding in the Arena located in the Grits.

From Helina Kyrinov, they learned about the unsanctioned psyker. “The traitors”, the Chosen Ones, promised to keep her granddaughter safe, which they haven’t. Before getting any more useful information, Hypatia accidentally mentioned the Inquisition, resulting in the complete non-cooperation from the target of her interrogation. With all this information collected, the Warband regrouped and left the station towards Mel’s.

The Impostor

The inquisitor’s taskforce headed to Hab Block B without Justus as a guide. They went in the latest known location of Mad Mel. They broke in the apartment, not without triggering the security system. Smoke filled the room and corridor and gunfire erupted from inside. As the combative members of the Warband initiate combat, the Telescreen turned on, displaying Mel’s imaging boasting about his superior intelligence. He evidently changed room meanwhile.

This gave Galenus an opportunity to locate their target. Using his techpriest arsenal, he traced back the signal of the Telescreen to a close-by room. Within the minute, the Warband barged in, guns blazing and chainswords revving. Mel’s guard surrendered in no time, thanks to Malek, Hypatia and Severin combined effort. Galenus failed at stopping Mad Mel, but the strong vocalisation from Malek stopped him right in his tracks as he was escaping through a ventilation duct.

The Inquisitor’s force, especially Galenus, were taken aback by Mad Mel appearance. What seemed to be a techpriest through the Telescreen was in fact a small man wearing a stained, red curtain as a robe with a fan hooked on his face as a voice modulator. The plan was already in motion and there was still no better candidate to unite the criminals of the station.

After ripping the fan off his face, Malek pinned down Mad Mel as Galenus performed a fake surgery and Severan explained the situation. He was receiving a cog-trigger that would detonate his brain if he were to ever go against the instruction. He would have to unite the stranded gangers, unifying the slo-mo commerce and pay the full Tithe with it. Hypatia helped with “taking care” of his personal guard. After the surgery performed, the Warband took Maeve servo-skull and left Mad Mel alone, downheartedly picking up his fan from the ground.


Giving the time at which I wrote this entry, major editing will be needed. At least I was not confused by notes this time.

DH5: The plot thickens
Telahnus Faboert

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