Legrica 40k

RT16: Denouement

The Warp had finally calmed. Cervantes and the daemon that had taken hold of him and the ship were dead. The only lingering evidence of the Captain were his two swords. Magnus’ hopes had been affirmed, this crew truly was chosen by the God Emperor. The cause of the warp incursion had been the chest they were delivering to Lesalia’s Grand Cathedral. It contained the severed powerfist of Saint Gallus, a truly remarkable find after Gallus himself disappeared on his search for greater power. Val attempted to find more of the holy water that Magnus had used to open the lockbox. Unfortunately traffic within the Citadel prevented him from getting into Magnus’ office.

D-16 and his army of servitors got to work on repairing their voidship as soon as it was towed in. They were meticulous and efficient. A quick repair job would mean that the crew could start on their traveling salesman gig and D16 could get back to manufacturing and designing better servitors. As an added bonus, the techpriest provided the crew with a long range servitor remote.

The salvage crews Blackstone promised also arrived to recover scrap and parts from the voidship Graveyard in the system. They even found a salvageable Neragath lance weapon. Iknik had to ask if they wanted the weapon installed; Neragath lances were infamous for being weapons of oppression and destruction throughout the sector. He also took the opportunity to bring up his business proposal again. Becoming business partners would benefit both parties greatly. The crew would gain access to a lot of infrastructure, equipment and vessels, cheap fuel, founder’s rights and more. Iknik would gain an exploration crew willing to explore the fringes of space where chartist captains would not go, a crew that would get their hands dirty so Iknik could keep his clean, and avoid a lot of the bureaucracy that comes with the Adeptus Administratum. After a lot of negotiations, a 50/50 deal was met and signed.

With the repairs nearly finished, pilgrims, servitors, crewmen and resources were loaded on board the vessel and readied for departure. As a parting gift, Magnus gave his flaming hammer to Tor, to protect his flock. He also gave Animyra a tome containing his research on the safest Warp routes for the pilgrimage, details of each pilgrimage site and the lore behind them. And as the loading bay doors closed, a small golden servo skull waved goodbye.


Telahnus Telahnus

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