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DH1: Introduction to Paletton

Bar fight!

The War Band received the mission of investigating the lateness on tithe payments from Imperial Mining Station X18999. Hand picked by an Inquisitor shrouded in mystery, the band was thus composed:

- Severan of The Noble House Letram, acting as face, brain and face & brain destroyer for the group.
- Alexander: Fresh-out-of-Terra psyker specialized in Void stabilization and veneration. He hails from Paletton.
- Hypathia Echo: Cold-hearted gunslinger always doubting authority, exposing true and hidden intentions. Has a keen eye for investigation and aiming.
- Malek: Chainsword enthusiast knight originating from a medieval feral world.
- Galenus: Techpriest with am compulsion of “enhancing” bodies. Hired to mend or break anatomies.

Being ordered to wait for further instructions, the War Band was lead by Alexander to one of the less-worse establishment in the Grits. As they were sipping on their liquid refreshments, a physical encounter was initiated by Sledge’s Hammer, a gang lead by Sledge, on the matter of the War Band selection of table. As the situation escalated, an explosive device was revealed from underneath the table. Mad Mel‘s men, sitting in a shaded corner, claimed the planting of the device and it was promptly returned to them by Galenus. As Malek was showing physical supremacy over Sledge’s men, a group identified as working under One-Eyed Jack sprang from behind the bar and open automatic fire on all current patrons. These were dispatched by a common effort of Hypathia, Severan and Alexander, the last two combining Psyker-borne ethanol-based fuel and power-slided ignition.

During the encounter, unbeknownst to the War Band, including himself, Malek created a minor Void-reaction, stabilized by Alexander. This resulted in a powerful magnetic surge, jamming all weapon and tugging on the very limbs of the metallic Galenus. The War Band assumed that some gang members had unregistered Psyker abilities.

Two men were captured. One from Sledge’s Hammer and one from One-eyed Jacks. The War Band extracted information from Sledge’s man, learning about the gang war that erupted following Zeidle‘s death. Some Outsiders completed the Gauntlet of Gallus, dethroning Zeidle from his position of power and initiating the gang war. It was also revealed that Mad Mel’s men were trying to “Fix Zeidle Machinery”. As the War Band considered extracting information from the surviving One-Eyed Jack, the Enforcers declared a raid on the bar, and the band was engulfed in a bright light that made them unconscious.


I might have made spelling mistakes in names and used French grammar here and there (Like, commas, everywhere, I, like, them.) Please feel free to edit (if you can?) or leave a comment about any inaccuracies, whether it is in content or container.

DH1: Introduction to Paletton
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