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DH2: Gangs at war

The Strong, The Smart & The Ugly

Quick summary of the events

  • The War Band was detained by the enforcers but was bailed out by Masa Surano, their Inquisitor.
  • To make amends for putting the secrecy of the mission in jeopardy, the War Band received an additional objective of finding what happened to Interrogator Maeve that was investigating the Slomo drug ring at the moment of her disappearing.
  • Wanting to infiltrate the local gangs, the War Band met with Mad Mel that requested destruction of his competitor to win his trust
  • Partly investigating, partly complying, the war band assaulted / infiltrated Sledge’s factory. His trust will be gained through duel.

Detailed log

In detention

The War Band was blinded and knocked unconscious by Paletton’s enforcers in reaction to [[DH1: Introduction to Paletton | the commotion at the bar]]. As they were carried away, they were able to perceive, in their semi-wakefulness, the full extent of the authorities incompetence. Indeed, Galenus was carried down a set of stairs being dragged by one foot.

As they were phasing in-and-out of consciousness, each member had a vision of blazing phoenix. Instead of a bird like cry, an imposing voice seemed to come out of its beak: “Yes, these are the ones I need. Yes, these are mine”.

These words merged with the ones being produced by the vox-grill emitter of a power armour. The silhouette speaking, almost yelling, was exceptionally mad at the official overseeing the detention center. Indeed, the War Band was jailed following their arrest. The choleric individual was clearly a female and, from her Aquilia visor, the War Band recognized her as the Inquisitor that assigned them to this mission: Masa Surano.

Her ire shifted to the War Band. They were supposed to be discreet. “It is not by blowing buildings up that the tithe problem is going to be solved.” Severan, ever so diplomatic, tried to calm the situation but Hypatia, being true to herself, didn’t help the situation when it came to complying with authority. Surano’s taskforce was indirectly introduced to the official being berated earlier, the Pontifex of the Station, Magnus Paruta. He left a very bad first impression of a spineless regent that got into power from a twist of fate, unable to deal with the gangs to establish proper tithe on the station. After convincing Hypatia to move to the point of a gun, Surano walked her team still in chains through Paletton to the space port where her Star Yacht, was awaiting.

Further investigation

Once on the bridge, a mechanized system removed Surano’s armor revealing a dark blue dress, giving her the regal appearance of noble from the high-spires of a capital world. In spite of Severan’s attempt at soothing her wrath, the onslaught of critical remarks continued. To make amends, the War Band received a supplementary objective to their mission. Inquisitor Surano was here to investigate the disappearing of Interrogator Maeve that was on Paletton following the lead of the Slomo, a drug plaguing the capital world of Lesalia. This was now the task force’s responsibility. After a quick debriefing by Galenus, the Inquisitor tasked Alexander to report on the Psyker incident at the bar.

Apparently, Slomo had taken root on Paletton’s station too. After donning disguises created by Severan, pondering on their next course of action, the War Band stumbled, chainsword first, on a junkie in an advanced state of Slomo addiction. He was convinced to share his usual source for a fix; Surano’s team was not surprised that he procured his drugs from the gangs. Serendipitously, as they were done with this man, a voice hailed Alexander. It was Justus, a long time “acquaintance” of his that clearly didn’t receive much respect from his part. Alexander and Severan manipulated him into introducing them to Mad Mel.

The Smart

Justus lead the War Band into hab block B. The deeper they went, the more unsafe and derelict it became. They were lead to an empty, very small apartment where Justus told them to wait. Expecting a trap, the War Band got into defensive position.

The task force was surprised by a television turning on. Mad Mel’s image, a mechanically enhanced individual with a synthetic voice, greeted them. He was proud to the point of arrogance of his “Superior intellect”, for not falling into any potential trap of theirs. Severan and Alexander, pretending to have a good shipment of drugs aboard the Star Yacht, convinced him of a potential deal. The War Band would have to gain his trust first, by crushing the other gangs.

The Strong

Without much planning, the task force agreed on visiting Sledge’s lair first. Perhaps his trust would be easier to win, or, worse come to worst, he would get Purged, hence removing half the competition for Mad Mel. Severan attempted to infiltrate through the top windows of the factory, but only got the guards attention through a gunfight. He had to resort to hiding on the rooftop. Trying to take the attention away from him, the rest of the War Band, lead by Alexander, stepped into the main floor of the factory.

They were greeted by a fighting ring. Sitting on a throne of crates, Sledge inquired about the reason of their visit. Without second thought, Alexander gave away the intrusion of Severan. Sledge made clear that he only respected power and if he was to hear a business proposition, the team would have to show might. The Psyker provoked anyone in Sledge’s assembly to a duel. A large man with a hammer of equal proportion stepped into the ring. Using another team member without hesitation, Alexander declared Malek his Champion. The Knight stepped into the arena, revving his chainswords.


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DH2: Gangs at war

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DH2: Gangs at war
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