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DH3: Fostering conflict

"Regards from One-Eyed Jack!"

Quick summary of the events

  • Sledge received a crippling wound. Further altercation between the Warband and Sledge’s Hammer was mostly averted as the latter were tricked into sending an impromptu attack on the Jacks.
  • Commotion in the city and the Enforcer’s station lead the protagonists to the Shuttle Bay B, where Jacks and Hammers were in an open war.
  • The Warband joined in, trying to cause as much damage as possible using space hatches against their opponents.

Detailed log

Kill with a borrowed (chain)sword

Keeping the act of the potential dealer, Alexander agreed to prove the strength of his group by declaring a champion to face Sledge’s. Malek, being the perfect candidate for the job, was initially selected. Hypatia saw this as an order to stand down, instantaneously leading to insubordination by proclaiming herself the Warband’s champion. Stepping into the ring, she was pointed to a melee weapon rack. Carefully considering her options, she immediately unsheathed her shotgun to end it all quickly but the Twin Hammer-wielding brute was already upon her, deflecting her weapon. As the two opponents exchanged glancy blows and scattered shots, Alexander, Malek and Galenus stood silently on the side awaiting the outcome of the fight.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Severan landed after a successful grappling hook maneuver. Spotting a hole opening on the main loading bay in the durasteel roof coating, he started expanding it using his knife. Quickly modifying his disguise as something thug-like, he then silently took aim with his sniper rifle through the roof and shouted:

Regards from One-Eyed Jack!

As the rifle sound resounded through the hangar, chaos exploded. Sledge’s leg was hit by a bullet. Men were roused and sent at the pursuit of their mysterious attacker, some getting access to the rooftop and others starting to chase one foot in the streets. Severan’s street-sense and fleet-of-footness took him quickly out of reach of the mob.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity

This disorder made them completely forget the rest of the Warband, assumed innocent thanks to Alexander’s quick-witted subterfuge. They were able to reach the rendez-vous point at Masa Surano’s Star Yacht that Severan reached after making sure he was not tracked. The group quickly noticed a clear agitation in the city and to get more information on the situation, headed towards the Enforcer Station.

There, Severan flashed his (voided) Enforcer badge and was able to extract some information. The unrest sprung from the vengeful assault lead by Sledge’s Hammer on the shuttle bay used as Headquarters by the One Eyed Jacks. The Enforcers chose to wait and provide security to the rest of Paletton. Either to cause more destruction to the enemies of the Eternal Throne, or to further the trust given by Mad Mel, the Warband chose to join the fight.

Before launching themselves into battle, a strategic resupply was highly needed. The party hence stopped at the general store with this purpose. A plan with exposure to Void was budding in Severan’s mind and it became an intention to requisition a Void suit. To ease the business, Alexander used his Psyker’s talents to influence the merchants’ mind. Not everything went as planned: the forces of the Void caused an electro-magnetic distribution using him as a conduit. The tugging on Galenus artificial limbs caused filled him with terror to the point where we violently left the store, screaming. The commotion caused by the Void Anomaly made the requisition still much easier. The Warband found and calmed down Galenus.

In the void is virtue, and no evil

The Shuttle Bay B was a tall building, stretching over many floors. A column in the middle could be used by ships to dock to one of the four individual loading areas by floor. Entering the structure, the Warband tracked the main battle following blood, gore and gunfire crackle. As the group was moving up the staircase, they were met by a falling corpse falling form he top of the stairwell, confirming the location of the skirmish. Along the way, Hypatia grabbed a few bloodstained bandanas of each gang.

Once on the top floor, the group sneaked into the control room of the first loading area. There, Galenus jacked-in the console and managed to open the door to space. Tens of belligerents of both gang were expelled to cold its of the Void.

The Warband then tried to recreate this feat in the following counter-clockwise loading area. Before reaching it, they met with a duo of Sledge’s hammer. Unholstering pistols, chainswords and shotguns, the group was ready to face the charging thugs. As the latter was walking in front of the loading area’s door, they were cut to pieces by a volley of gunfire from hidden One Eyed Jacks. With that, the Warband decided to go around the shuttle bay clockwise: encountering control rooms before loading areas that could possibly filled with gunners.

Reaching the next clockwise control room, they met with a handful of One Eyed Jacks guarding the control room. Using the previously collected bandanas, Severan pretend to be one of their, wounded and fell on the ground in the room. One of the thugs exited the room, expecting to have distant enemies to face, but was met with the rest of Warband’s ambush. The second member tried to tend to Severan’s wound but ended up being treated by his shotgun. The rest of the gang members were promptly disposed of.

This created a unexpected problem. The gruesome techniques of the Warband left the control room and its console painted in gore. Galenus categorically refused entering this place “Damned with lifeless biomass that the was not touch by the Omnisiah anymore”. A plan to depressurize the whole level was then devised. Going back to the first control room, void suits were donned by all and the airlocks were open, effectively removing all oxygen on the floor. The previous loading area, in which control room thugs were faced, was still shut tight. A few gunshots to the viewable of the control room changed that quickly.

When the thugs noticed that the pressure was leaving, some rushed to don void suits and others ran to a parked shuttle. Both factions unholstered their weapon, each on either side of the now broken bay window. The silence of empty space gave at the illusion of a calm before a storm.


Telahnus shintenpu

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