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DH4: Shuttle shootout

Der Untergang of the gangs

Quick summary of the events

  • A shootout broke out between the One Eyed Jacks and the Warband
  • The latter was victorious, unscathed
  • The group captured a shuttle previously belonging to Zeidle, and one of the gangers.
  • Using the shuttle mounted lazguns, they destroy the shuttle bay where fighting was still ongoing
  • The shuttle and the prisoner was delivered to Inquisitor Surano.

Detailed log

The Warband and a handful of One Eyed Jacks were scrambling for their weapons as the shuttle bay was emptying itself of oxygen. With the first salvos, brutal events started unfolding. Malak, jumping through the now broken viewport, landed amidst of gangsters but declared one of them, closer to the shuttle as his mark. Ignoring the glancing projectiles, he closed the distance to make a mess out of him. Meanwhile, Hypatia and Galenus opened fire on a few gangers that were attacking from a catwalk while Severan went to a vantage point on top of the shuttle. In the maneuver, his void suit got slashed and started losing pressure.

Given the efficiency with which the war band was dispatching its targets, added with a call to stand down by comlink and intimidating outcome of Malek extracting organs from the poor sod he faced, the last member of the One Eyed Jacks left in the room surrounded. During the final stages of the battle, Galenus initiated the liftoff procedure by opening the hangar door.

The Warband rushed into the shuttle with their newly acquired prisoner. Given that Galenus was piloting the shuttle, Severan took the role of the interrogator. As the questions were asked, Galenus opened fire on as much hangar door as possible, hoping to inflict as much damage as possible to Jack’s headquarter.

Severan managed to learn a plethora of useful information, mainly on the what happened a few months back, when the balance of power shifted and the tithes stopped being paid. 3 months ago, Interrogator Maeve would supposedly have taken down Zeidle or at least blew up two factories. Furthermore, the Warband learned that the Galus’ Gauntlet was part of the festival 4 months ago. They also managed to extract the information that the mysterious Chosen Ones, a name recurring in their investigation, were (And maybe are still) part of a Rogue Trader’s crew. Last but not least, they learned Inquisitor Maeve was killed by Mad Mel and he kept her servo-skull. Some more information was found in the ship’s log. Indeed, it seemed like the ship belonged to Zeidle’s and was carrying a shipment of slo-mo headed towards Lesalia, specifically to the 17th Limberry regiment.

Before returning to Mad Mel with victorious news and accusations, the Warband decided to do a quick stop to Masa Surano’s star yacht, delivering the news, the shuttle and the prisoner. With them retelling the end of Interrogator Maeve, her taskforce completed its secondary objective. She didn’t seem unsatisfied with the Warband for once.


Please help me guys. The line in bold seemed very important but at that moment I was too drunk to write properly. What the heck could it be?

DH4: Shuttle shootout
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