Legrica 40k

RT18: Listing Lazily to the Left

The crew finished loading new supplies onto their frigate and departed Lesalia, escaping from the oppressive hive spires and its toxic atmospheres. A delivery took them to Eagrose, a stormy waterworld that acted as a munitions depot before entering the Rokfist Reach. Ferrying their cargo to the surface, Tor and Animyra met the Commissar Argath Thadalfus, drilling his men out in the rain of the landing platform. With a bit of talk, Tor convinced Argath that the base could use a team of D-16 servitors, while Argath convinced Tor to deliver artillery reinforcements to the undersupplied outposts of Besselat. The planet where Gallus saw his first major defeat was indeed a barren and war torn world. The Imperial outposts were very grateful for the new supplies as Ork raids had been increasing in frequency. Unfortunately for the pilgrims, the greenskins had also overrun the wartime monuments out beyond the base. If the crew were to secure a pilgrim stop on this planet, they would have to drive back the orks themselves. And that’s when they heard a “waaagh” from the other side of the complex.


Telahnus Telahnus

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