Legrica 40k

RT19: Trench Warfare

As the garrison of troops sallied forth to meet the Orks on the field of battle, the pilgrims were taken back to the shelter of the Imperial Base and the RS Caliphrate. Meeting a harried Colonel Thaddeus Rossmat the party were filled in on the situation. Warboss Ironsnagga seemed to have been drawn out by the RS Caliphrate coming in to land. This meant Rossmat couldn’t spare any troops to help retake the pilgrim site while fending off the orks. However, the larger battle would draw most of the orks away from the Eastern front. In addition, the supplies that their ship had brought included several artillery batteries which the party could use to cover their approach. Still, being an active warzone, the party couldn’t make it alone. 100 pilgrims volunteered to retake their holy site and fight as Gallus had on this world.

The party and pilgrims set forth to cross the blasted wastelands of Besselat. They kept to the trenches surrounding the base as long as they could, taking supplies from dugouts and dealing with small parties of gretchin. A larger group of orks and squigs was vaporized by a well-placed artillery strike. Knowing that a river crossing was inevitable, the party opted to cross at the ford, rather than be caught in the exposed muddy valley. However noone heard the wartrukk barreling down from upstream. It was loaded with a dozen ork boyz and was driving straight for the middle of the crowd of pilgrims still crossing the stream. Several well aimed shots from Tor busted the engine block and driver. The trukk careened wildly, crashing into the far bank, but not before running over several pilgrims. With terrible warcries the remaining orks set into the helpless pilgrims. It was a bloody melee that made the waters run red.


Telahnus Telahnus

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