Legrica 40k

RT#20B: Buried Treshur

Present day, Besselat assault

The pilgrims were exposed in the middle of the river and being set upon by the orks. The crew raced to their aid, using their battle experience to command the pilgrims into formations and to call targets. The pilgrims managed to finally overwhelm their attackers, but not without loss. Animyra, emboldened by the sight of the last ork fleeing upriver, drew Cervantes’ chainsword and ran in pursuit. Having the high ground on the bank, she leapt onto the ork, knocking him into the water. The giant, spinning teeth of her chainsword plunged down, spraying water, blood and gore everywhere. And with that, the fight was over. Returning to the ford, Tor and Val expressed concern that Animyra had been hurt; she was covered in blood. But she was fine, she had no injuries whatsoever. In fact, something about the slaughter seemed to have filled her with renewed strength and vigor.

Despite the losses, the pilgrims were encouraged by the sight of their pilgrim site in the distance. They had but to cross the cratered plains and the ruined outskirts of the city. The company set off towards a sign post that Tor spotted in the midst of the plains. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the sign was a very poor attempt at an orkish trap. It read “buried treshur”. Tor then uncovered confirmation of their fears: the remnants of an Imperial Guard signpost warning of a mine field. Everyone froze. Radioing back to base, they learned that the minefield had been set many years ago, as a defensive measure against the orks. One wrong step could spell disaster.

They couldn’t go back the way they came, they had been lucky to get this far without triggering any. They had no way to detect the mines either. They attempted to sweep for the mines using a weighted tether. But this triggered a particularily close mine. This set nearby pilgrims into a panic, leading to more being set off. Strong language and several gunshots brought the pilgrims back in line. Bob, the pilgrim, had had his leg blown off by a mine, and a dozen others lay dead. That’s when they heard the sounds of gretchin, coming to investigate.


Telahnus Telahnus

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