Legrica 40k

RT#21: Rack and Ruin

The party and pilgrims were stranded in the middle of a mine field. They had been spotted by a band of gretchin, seeing them as easy pickings. However gretchin are terrible, terrible shots. Failed volleys forced the gretchin closer and closer in an attempt to land a shot. It was hard to keep the pilgrims calm and steadfast amongst the hail of bullets. But just as the shots started to hone in and strike the ground the pilgrims stood on, a hapless gretchin triggered a landmine. Panicked, the gretchin fled back to the safety of the city ruins. But they were scattered, and as they fled, more and more landmines went off. When the dust settled, there was a clear and blasted path from the pilgrims to the ruins. Praise the Emperor.

The traders were cautious about leading the pilgrims into the close confines of the ruined outskirts. They opted to scout ahead, quickly spotting an Ork Waaagh banner: clumsy constructions meant to watch over the perimeters of ork encampments. They snuck up, keeping to cover and then launched a surprise attack on the tower. Unfortunately, they had not spotted the second tower and Tor was caught in flanking gunfire. The party reacted quickly, aiming to take out both the gretchin gunners and the towers themselves. But they were not fast enough to prevent an SOS being sent out.

Tor caught hold of a wounded gretchin and interrogated it for information. The wretched thing kicked and bit and struggled in Tor’s hands. Eventually, it spat out the name, Nubz, and that more orks were coming. Tor thanked the creature, then slit its throat. He then found the radio that had been used and called to the other end. A gruff, grainy voice blared out. Tor attempted to deceive the greenskin by talking like the gretchin, but his orkish was not very fluent. The nob bellowed back “The Rokfists gon reck you humiez!”.

They now had precious minutes to prepare before much larger orks would come to investigate. Hoping to use the terrain to their advantage, Val went to rig an explosive trap while the rest of the party set up kill zones and choke points. But something went wrong, and Val’s explosive triggered prematurely. Val took the full force of the blast and was knocked back into a wall, falling into a crumpled heap. He was barely alive and would need serious care. But there was no time. Val’s body was pulled back to the safety of the pilgrims and Channa’s care as a squad of greenskins entered the ruins.

A giant nob, at least 8 feet tall and with fists the size of boulders, burst onto the scene. He was followed by another slugga boy, a gretchin, and a squig. Seeing the impending danger and fearing for his life, Asher drew upon the warp to protect himself. But when Asher pulled from the Warp, it pulled back. All of the air in the immediate vicinity, even that in their lungs, was pulled into the Warp. Everyone staggered for breath, and the greenskin charge faltered. The crew took this opportunity to open fire, downing the gretchin and squig.

Seeing that bullets would not stop the giant orks, Animyra unleashed her lidless stare. Asher, already in melee, was barely able to avoid her gaze. The Navigators power racked the Nobz head and it fell to one knee. Asher then called on the powers of the Warp once more. A voice in the back of his mind egged him on, and he pulled deeper than he had ever before. Asher’s sword blazed with unholy warp energies, and cut through both orks, plunging it into the Nob up to the sword’s hilt.

The orks were dead. The party was injured but alive. The pilgrims were haggard and bruised. But there was now nothing standing between them and holy site upon which Gallus had walked and bled so many centuries before.


Telahnus Telahnus

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