Cervantes Borré

[deceased] Corrupted Rogue Trader


A gruff and hearty looking older gentleman, Cervantes is very fit for his age. He wears what would be considered the typical attire of Rogue Traders, akin to the garb of a swashbuckling pirate captain of ancient Terra. His outfit is completed by a large, red, tricorne hat fit with large plumose feathers.

He wields a sword in each hand, one a crackling powersword, the other a revving chainsword. The latter has a custom bolt pistol built into the hilt which he uses to break deadlocks.


The Borré warrant of trade was awarded to Cervantes’ ancestors after aiding the Imperium during a war long past. They ran key smuggling runs to and from blockaded worlds. The name of his flagship vessel, First Into the Breach, is still given a warm welcome by those who can remember that time.

Cervantes has kept a fairly low profile during his tenure; running deliveries and privateering for various Imperial offices, while enjoying the freedom to ply the vast expanses of uncharted space on the fringes of the Imperium.

His crew know Cervantes to be a tough but fair captain, running a tight ship almost to the standard of an Imperial Navy vessel. But he is no Commissar. Time with the crew, sharing meals, swigging amasec, and swapping stories has ensured strong loyalty and camaraderie.


Cervantes had brought the First Into the Breach into the Legrica sector, a relatively untouched region of space, full of promise and plunder. The hero saint, Fulton Gallus, led a crusade against the green tide, into this uncharted region, and the sector was colonized following the saint’s disappearance. During a visit to one of the planets rumored to have been visited by Saint Gallus during his holy crusade, Cervantes met with the Adeptus Ministorum. He returned with a mysterious cargo and two Adeptus Sororitas, the military arm of the Ecclesiarchy. Cervantes did not divulge the nature of the cargo brought on board, and told noone to bother the Sisters guarding it. However he was anticipating that this delivery would be able to pay for a second ship upon arrival at the sector capital of Lesalia. But midway through the Warp journey the vessel succumbed to a demonic incursion that scuttled it. Cervantes himself suffered a terrible goring by a demon, a giant beast dripping flaming ichor, while protecting the bridge crew. He sent his veteran crew, with his comatose second in command Mael Halon, off to a nearby voidstation, hoping that the inhabitants could provide rescue and repairs. The captain, dedicated to his mission, refused to leave his ship and the mysterious cargo it contained. Noone knows exactly what happened while his crew was away, but when they returned the wound had spread and had corrupted Cervantes in both flesh and mind. He attacked the crew and, upon taking lethal damage, transformed into the same daemonic entity that had led the daemonic incursion before. There followed a terrible battle but eventually the daemon was overcome and defeated.

Cervantes Borré

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