D-16 Togen Mar

Techpriest who keeps company with Servitors


Wears an old and tattered, rust red mechanicum robe over a body of rusty metal. He has a cybernetic right arm as well as utility and medicae mechandendrites. The high number of cogitator implants he possesses require special coolant systems that discharge steam at awkward times. He is often heard quoting the “superiority of the mechanical mind”, though usually in binary cant.

d16_logo.pngHis factorum iconography is that of the cog mechanicus surrounding a skull impaled on a spike that radiates energy.

Primary Voidship: Havoc-class merchant raider


D-16, also known as Togen Mar to those of the flesh, is a manufacturer of high-quality, multi-purpose servitors. He wishes to improve Imperial society and colonization efforts by distributing his servitors throughout the sector. His research, development, and manufacturing of these servitors however leaves him little time to actually sell them. As such, the techpriest has made arrangements for the crew to act as resellers of his servitors. D-16 supplies them with servitors to use on their ship, and the crew sells them to colonies, nobles and other interested parties.

D-16 Togen Mar

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