Mechanically enhanced, Omnisiah fearing Chirurgeon for Inquisitor Masa Surano's taskforce



Thought begets heresy (Divination): The Spirit of the Omnisiah is present in every machine; each sanctified cogwheel, holy bolt, sacred transistor are directed by His Will. Being part-machine, over-thinking is the use of the raw, impure, tissue of my old-self. Following my instinct is to follow the Emperor’s Invisible hand taking its action through my implants. Galenus will push for immediate action and less contemplation, even if planning ahead would benefit the War Band.

To mend flesh is important, to replace it is primordial: As the Chirurgeon of the War Band, it is my duty to insure optimal efficiency of their bodies. They might be attached to these “flesh-anchors” of theirs, but if time allows it, it is my duty to make them closer to the Omnisiah by enhancing their organisms. Once the procedure done, they will be thankful. Galenus favors the enhanced greatly over the naturals. If the situation allows it, he will add implants to anyone he heals, whether they want it or not.

Lifeless flesh is as repulsive as it is useless: If the machine-spirit makes us closer to the Omnisiah, dead bio-mater, being the opposite, shouldn’t be in contact with me. Once Life leaves a body, it should be handled by the Pariahs. Galenus will refuse entering in contact with any form of gore, corpse or meat. Following a messy combat or most healing procedures, he will feel the need to sanitize.

My true body is my new one: Falling from the Omnisiah’s grace is my deepest fear. Any threat to losing my implants gets me closer to damnation: they are my only link to The Holy, and should be treated so. Galenus will go in great emotional distress if anything threatens his implants specifically, going from frenzy to psychological breakdown.


Alexander: Those Psyker freaks almost took my enhancements from me. Alexander damped the impact and explained the situation to us. He shielded me. I owe him. Galenus feels indebted towards Alexander

Malek: He comes from a primitive world. His people don’t know nor revere technology like they should. This makes him dangerous. Galenus will be biased against Malek until he witnesses him using machinery beyond weapons or accepting an implant.

Severan: He his quickwitted and seems to be able to keep our merry band of psychopath together. I believe he is well-suited for leading, but puts too much trust in his fleshy cortex. Even though Galenus will let the War Band be lead by Severan, he will try to jump into action faster and cut the noble’s planning to a minimum.

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