Hypatia Echo



The Truth is Out There – Information, any information whatsoever, should not go unseen or undigested. Every little scrap has its place in the grand theory that Hypatia is forming. The truth is out there – it just requires someone to compile it all.

Nothing is true; Everything is Permitted – A unhealthy dose of skepticism, combined with an unyielding desire to acquire the information necessary to further her own ends often leads to extreme measures.

Fuck Da Police – Hypatia has a bit of an “authority problem”. Assuming she cannot avoid them entirely, she either hinders or refuses to cooperate with authorities.


The Psyker – Psykers scare me. People who scare me usually deserve a bullet in the back of the head. I’ll keep my eye on him. I hate him.

The Warrior – A primitive, albeit big, sheep in the Emperor’s flock. I’ll make sure to stay out of sword range. I hate him.

The Tech-Priest – Tech-Priests have their uses. Worst comes to worst, I am sure those arms will fetch a fair price on the scrap market. I am sure I will grow to hate him.

The Arbites – Foppish Cop? Coppish fop? He rubs me the wrong way in two different directions. I hate him.

Expose the secrets of the Imperium, whatever they may be, and use the truth to inspire the desitute to revolt against their opressors.


Hypatia Echo

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