Magnus Paruta

Pontifex Astra of The Deliverance


Built like a lumberjack, with a bushy beard, a bellowing voice, and a great flaming hammer. Wears holy robes that are reinforced to look like armor.

Idolizes Saint Gallus, and constantly refers to his deeds and example. Is always looking to test people’s faith in the Creed and ensure their conviction.


Has shepherded his flock across the stars and into the Legrica sector. After a few particularly hard years they stopped at mining station X1899 for repairs, but the pilgrims were weary and convinced Magnus to stay. Eventually, the Deliverance became part of the station, the pilgrimage on indefinite hiatus. Magnus is unhappy with this, and hopes that his followers will once again take up their pilgrimage. Unfortunately, following the deposition of Helina Kyrinov, Magnus had to assume the title of both station prefect and pontifex astra, further preventing him from leading his flock. After witnessing the crew in the Trials of Gallus, he has passed on his flock to the them to watch over, and his hammer to protect them.

Magnus Paruta

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