Severan of The Noble House Letram

Smooth-talking Sniper


There’s only one thing I want.


A wiry man with a handsome face and a charming smile that seems to treat dire situations with disdain, Severan is a tall, thin, and somewhat feminine looking man in his late twenties, with a smooth face and high cheekbones. Even after his descent into poverty, he decorates himself with at least the bare minimum of makeup, usually a small amount of eyeshadow and mascara, at the minimum, giving him a rakish appeal. He also tends to assume disguises from time to time, but it comes with his line of work. His skin is a fair whitish complexion, his hair is dyed white, and he tends to wear startlingly bright turquoise contact lenses(though his true eye color is a calming shade of green), as well as a locket with his younger brother’s picture in it. His general appearance varies wildly depending on the disguise he’s assumed, but when he has no need to hide his visage, he wears a garish, tight-fitting black longcoat with yellow accents and a number of tails which twirl about him as he walks, tall black boots, a flowing yellow striped scarf, and an over-sized black newsy cap with a yellow stripe down the center.

Slung across his back is most often his weapon of choice, his sniper rifle, on which he painted a somewhat unsettling smiling face, onto the scope-cap specifically. He also tends to have a weapon up his sleeve, but this too varies, from stub revolvers, to knives, to casually thrown lighters. Despite this, his true favored weapon is his words, since his small frame and general disdain for extended conflict combines with his charmingly manipulative personality to form a man who tends to have as many people wrapped around his finger as possible. Severan prefers to avoid close combat at all costs, but if pressed, will attempt to find a way to disarm his opponent and engage them with his fists. If this isn’t possible, he’ll likely resort to some form of trick to escape or cause his foe to leave an opening. His philosophy in combat is that a battle should be won before his opponent even knows it has started, and if forced into a fight without preparation, his first instinct is usually to withdraw and engage later under more favorable conditions.

Severan’s favorite hobbies are sketching, literature, and acrobatics. Despite his harsh life experiences, he still prefers to help those in need rather than harm them, although he likely won’t admit this. When pressed as to why, he has said in the past that despite the unforgiving nature of the universe, that there always has to be at least one person who cares, and if he must, he will take up that mantle.

Severan’s Quotes
  • “I prefer to have won a fight before my opponent even knows we’re fighting.”
  • “If a fight ain’t turning my way, the most effective plan is the oldest. Run the fuck away.”
  • “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
  • “The best type of enemy is the one who considers himself your friend.”
  • “Sure, those guys may have secrets. But unless they’re all dead, I’ll find a way to get it out of them.”
Severan’s Scars
  • Puncture Wound, left side, below eigth rib.
  • Laceration, right side, below collarbone.
  • Laceration, left side, upper back.
  • Gunshot Wound, left leg, calf.
  • Old Burns, right foot.
Severan’s Dispositions
  • Prefers to have a plan before a fight in order to assure success.
  • Always attempts to solve a problem through discourse before resorting to violence.
Severan’s Bonds
  • Malek seems dangerous, but useful. I’m glad he’s on our side, but I’ll have to keep an eye on him. After seeing him tear apart those gangsters with such ferocity, I’m rather frightened of him, since I’m used to people who are bound by strict sets of rules, whether that be the Highborn social codes or the laws of the Imperium.
  • Hypatia: I’m starting to get the hang of working with her, and I can see that her application of her rather straightforward approach to problem solving. I simply need to find ways to channel her aggressiveness in a productive manner. Thankfully, our current line of work appears to have a wealth of opportunities for this.
  • Despite his strange powers(Which I don’t quite understand), our psyker is talented, and has a vastly different perspective than we do. I’ll still be keeping an eye on him, just in case those powers turn unpredictable, since strange things always seem to be happening around him.
  • After seeing Galenus pilot that ship and handle all those doors for us, I’ve developed a newfound respect for him and his skills. He certainly covers for some areas I’m ignorant in, and it’s always wise to have someone who can deal with your deficiencies in a scrape. Perhaps I should try and learn some of these technological skills from him.
Severan’s Goals
  • Gain status as the head of House Letram, or achieve power equivalent to or greater than it.
  • Enact revenge on any and all who betrayed him.
  • Short Term: Discover the whereabouts of the Interrogator, Maeve.
Severan’s Divination
  • Suffering is an unrelenting instructor.

Severan was taught to command others from the day he was born, and kept his position for many years through political machinations mixed with guile and deceit. However, many amongst his own family found him to be growing too powerful, and were convinced to collaborate and pin a scandal upon him which cast him out from the ivory towers of the nobility, and down to the streets of the hives. His pride had blinded him to the threats around him, but this experience taught him that the only way to survive was through cold analysis of all those around him. Vowing revenge, and a return to great power on his own terms, he learned to fight on the streets. Although handicapped by his poor physical health and (at best) average strength, he learned to use his wits to confound any foes he met, and made it his motto to win fights before they ever began.

Eventually, he managed to attract the notice of Adpetus Arbites, and began to work his way through the ranks, using his keen perception for minute facial expressions and talent for social manipulation to infiltrate criminal and heretical organizations and destroy them from the inside. He still carries the knife handle from the fight which attracted their attention, and the scars from the sacrifices he made.

Severan of The Noble House Letram

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