Sororitas Squad

Order of the Eternal Crusade, Reliquary Guards


The Order of the Eternal Crusade

Saint Gallus never finished the crusade that led him to the Legrica Sector, thus the Order carries on his work, bringing the light of the Emperor to the primitive worlds. Faith and flame convert or cleanse. But Legrica is as savage as it is ancient, the mission is never complete. For the Order, the crusade is eternal.

Their armour is predominantly grey, with gold trim. Neither gaudy nor austere. Purple cloaks pay homage to Saint Gallus. The Order is distinct in that it consists of both militant and non-militant members. A scalpel is more precise than a sword. Words are more encouraging than a gun. That is not to say the Battle Sister does not also have a role protecting the flock and purging the unclean when necessary. When the crusade is eternal, every sister has her place.

At the behest of the Cardinal-Astra, Marcel Funebris, a squad of Sororitas was deployed under command of the Rogue Traders of the RS Caliphrate. They were to guard the precious relic, the lost gauntlet of Saint Gallus, on its way to the mausoleum on Lionel. They would also be available to consult on matters of faith and the Ecclesiarchy.


Saige is the Sister Superior that leads the squad. She is the epitome of what all Sisters aspire to, being a capable fighter, diplomat, missionary and leader. Her desire to fulfill her order’s Eternal Crusade borders on an obsession. Saige’s steely resolve lead her to use aggressive methods and she often resorts to the sword and the flame. She is harsh and untrusting to all but her sisters, to whom she is fiercely protective.

Navala is a warrior through and through. She wields a terrifying double headed chain partisan. It is enormous, impractical, unwieldy, and Navala can split a man in two with a single swing. Most men can barely lift it, but she has trained with it so much that it twirls and dances in the air for her. As both the Emperor and Gallus have taught, she lives for the glory of melee combat. Glory for herself and her Order. She is hot-tempered and rash, seeing violence as the answer to almost any challenge.

Alyssia is a Dominion, a weapon specialist, trained in the holy trinity of bolter, flamer, and melta. Her pessimistic and dark attitude cause her to always predict the worst of any situation. Thus she is constantly practicing for combat and studying the books of her Order. She spends hours cleaning and priming her equipment before deployment. She is prone to staring off into the distance, as if she has seen the portents of doom lurking on the horizon.

Amelie is a Hospitaller, trained in the healing arts of her Order. Despite her noble birth, Amelie does not place herself above other folk. After one day stumbling into and seeing the appalling conditions of the lower hive she resolved to join her local convent. It is now her duty to protect and care for all the people beneath her. She is a font of knowledge, both scientific and political, if she has the time for you.

Atet is a noviciate, newly inducted to the Order of the Eternal Crusade. Her passion and faith in the Sororitas and what they stand for is unbounded. She is kind, sympathetic and trusting. Her older sisters see her as a naive optimist, Saige sees her as a promising sister and potential leader. But none can eschew Atet’s exuberance or compassion when listening to her singing hymns of the faith.

Sororitas Squad

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