Legrica 40k

RT1: Shadows in the Night

Five bold adventurers are aboard the First Through the Breach, recently indentured to the service of the powerful and influential rogue trader Captain Cervantes Borré. They are Guts, Imperial Navy medic, brutally injured in battle, and now more machine than man; Torian “Tor”, both master and victim of the void, closer to his ship and weapons than most people; Val, the pickpocket who now uses his talents as the ship’s master of coin; Animyra, feared and revered as the devastatingly powerful navigator with her third eye; and Haleth, the bitter veteran of an orkish invasion on a now burned agri-world. Each work directly under Mael Halon, second in command and, while not a blood relative, heir to Captain’s writ of trade. Cervantes has groomed this company to take up a new warrant and plumb the far reaches of the Legrica sector for the glory of the Imperium (with some consideration for expanding their own wealth, of course).

On a routine journey, the ship picks up some extraordinary passengers: Sisters of Battle, protecting a sacred container of some sort. En route to their destination, in the depths of the warp, the ship’s Gellar field is breached, and wispy forms of shadow made solid spring from the darkness to eviscerate the hapless crew members of the First Through the Breach. Our five heroes sprang into action, fending the shadows away from the barracks with laser and steel.


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