Legrica 40k

DH6: Closing the book

Quick summary of the events

  • Reported completion of the two previous missions
  • Received the mission of finishing Maeve’s job
  • Found and killed Sledge, but suffered major wounds

Detailed log

Shopping and Shipping

To strengthen the Warband’s ties with the newly established ruler of the underworld Mad Mel, Severan tried to obtain a voice modulator usually entrusted to the members of the mechanicum. Although the idea was considered thoughtful, the scarcity of that equipment made it impossible to find one and had to be replaced with a “Get well soon” card.

After this shopping, the Warband made for Masa Surano’s Star Yatch to report the success of the mission. She displayed a stronger interest towards her late Interogator’s servo skull. After sending the proper prayers and making the required ointment offerings to the metallic husk, Galenus extracted and displayed the skull’s last recorded memories.


From the skulls point of view, Interogator Maeve could be seen talking to a human of small stature, bound to chair. From the collected information from questioning her, it was easy for the task force to guess that it had to be ex-pontifex Kyrinov’s psyker daughter. The interogator raised her firearm towards the child. A flash of light and a resounding detonation later, Maeve laid on the ground, killed by a shooter outside of the servoskull point of view. Within the following seconds, another shot was fired, bringing death to the child.

Following the death of its master, the servoskull flown away to hide in a ventilation shaft and emitted an emergency beacon. The video feed was sped up for an unknown amount of time to revert back to real time only to display the familiar red figure of Mad Mel followed by his mooks. It seems that Mel prefers that secret network around the city.

Completing the report

A recurring, pestering group of individuals kept turning up in the Warband’s investigation: the Chosen Ones. A report on their subject was made to Surano. By accessing Maeve’s notes in the Servoskull, the protagonists were able to find how they were linked to Maeve and what she knew about them.

They were 5 members of a Rogue Trader crew and became the Chosen by completing the Gauntlet of Galus, occurring during his festival. After seeing their prowess, Maeve tried to hire them to investigate the slo-mo ring. It was also revealed that they were part of the raid against Zeidle.

Given all that new observation and that the mission was accomplished, Surano bestowed a second mission on her Warband. They would need to take the Maeve’s mantle and complete her investigation on the slo-mo ring. The clues collected during this Paletton mission are all pointing towards the capital of the Legrica Sector:an Hive City in the Lesalia system. Furthermore, the heresy of killing an interrogator cannot go unpunished: the task force will have to show to the perpetrator what is the price of crossing the Emperor’s Will.

Bringing down the Hammer

Before leaving the station, the Commando wanted to secure their inside man Mel’s power over the station. To do that, the last of the opposing gang leaders had to be killed. The party made its way to the grits’ arena, where rumour said Sledge was hiding.

The arena was a dug down pit where spectators could watch from the top level surrounding the main battleground. Severan, Malek, Alexander and Galenus jumped down, the latter two staying a little bit behind. Severan went to investigate a closed door where pit fighters could prepare for their battle. Behind it, three burly warriors wearing blue were protecting their wounded boss, Sledge. Malek promptly provoked him to combat and havoc exploded.

It was a bloody fight. Galenus and Alexander were firing from safety of distance as Malek single handedly fought multiple aggressors. Severin, using trickery and sheer speed, tried to perform the age old tactic of ‘kiting’. Galenus shots revealed too accurate for his own good: he managed to get Sledge’s ire directed at him and Alexander. He wasted no time to start beating them into a pulp. Luckily enough for the two of them, Malek had brought swift death to Sledge’s goon and helped bringing the final, bloody, chainsword blow. Bloodied but still alive, the warband made its way back to the spaceport to leave for Lesalia.

DH5: The plot thickens
All in a day's work

Quick summary of the events

  • The Warband met with Pontifex Magnus Paruta to prepare the return of the Tithe and gather information about the start of the gang war.
  • Interrogated gangers and the imprisoned Helina Kyrinov, previous Pontifex of the station.
  • Pretended to fit Mad Mel with a brain chip to have him under their control.

Detailed log

Meeting the roi fainéant

Heading to the citadel, the Warband hoped to meet with Magnus Paruta to know about the instability that lead to the complete stop of the tithe payments. Since the order was about to be brought back on Paletton, this information was crucial.

Magnus was in the middle of a sermon when the protagonists walked in. Some of them joined in pious communion until the Pontifex was done. Joining them afterwards, he gladly answered their pressing questions. They learned that The Chosen of Gallus took a good part of Magnus’ “flock” on their pilgrimage that starts on Lesalia. Given that there were less “Good men”, the Tithe payment slowed down until a complete stop.

The Warband also asked about the previous Pontifex, Helina Kyrinov. Apparently she was imprisoned after she would have been found harbouring an unsanctioned psyker. According to Magnus, this psyker would be deceased. He seemed evasive on that subject, referring us to Inquisitor Surano for further details.

Professional interrogation

And so did the protagonists. Taking their first respite since they woke up in the gaol of the enforcers on the same day, the Warband let their Inquisitor, Masa Surano enjoy the present they brought her. Indeed, she was busy torturing the prisoner. Once the screams quelled down, Surano joined back with them, now wearing her full power amor. She seemed puzzled by the question and did not give further information on the subject.

Having a plan budding in his mind, Severan introduced the idea of replacing Zeidle by another criminal. With the gang war stopped and with the profit of Slo-mo, a strong leader could pay the Tithe as he makes good profit. She gave the green light to her taskforce to initiate this plan.

Still some more interrogation

Before meeting with Mel again, the Warband stopped by the Enforcers station and initiate a pretty convoluted subterfuge. First, Severan eased their way in by seducing the receptionist. That had allowed them to meet with Sergeant Bertrenus as he was meeting with a battle-stained officer. Half-pretending to be an Enforcer from Lesalia investigating the Slo-mo drug ring, he extracted some more information out of them and secured an interrogation with prisoners captured from the battle at the shuttle bay.

From Bertrenus, they learned that One Eyed Jack was taken captive. Furthermore, they were told that Sledge was wounded but still on the run, but most his and Jack’s men were captured.

Being granted access to the detention level, the Warband saw a [[DH2: Gangs at war | very familiar holding cell]], this time filled with criminal of Blue and Green colours. Severan saw a great opportunity. He asked Hypathia to go get some refreshments. She understood the message and went to interrogate Helina Kyrinov that was held in the more permanent holding cells.

From the prisoners, they learned that Sledge was probably hiding in the Arena located in the Grits.

From Helina Kyrinov, they learned about the unsanctioned psyker. “The traitors”, the Chosen Ones, promised to keep her granddaughter safe, which they haven’t. Before getting any more useful information, Hypatia accidentally mentioned the Inquisition, resulting in the complete non-cooperation from the target of her interrogation. With all this information collected, the Warband regrouped and left the station towards Mel’s.

The Impostor

The inquisitor’s taskforce headed to Hab Block B without Justus as a guide. They went in the latest known location of Mad Mel. They broke in the apartment, not without triggering the security system. Smoke filled the room and corridor and gunfire erupted from inside. As the combative members of the Warband initiate combat, the Telescreen turned on, displaying Mel’s imaging boasting about his superior intelligence. He evidently changed room meanwhile.

This gave Galenus an opportunity to locate their target. Using his techpriest arsenal, he traced back the signal of the Telescreen to a close-by room. Within the minute, the Warband barged in, guns blazing and chainswords revving. Mel’s guard surrendered in no time, thanks to Malek, Hypatia and Severin combined effort. Galenus failed at stopping Mad Mel, but the strong vocalisation from Malek stopped him right in his tracks as he was escaping through a ventilation duct.

The Inquisitor’s force, especially Galenus, were taken aback by Mad Mel appearance. What seemed to be a techpriest through the Telescreen was in fact a small man wearing a stained, red curtain as a robe with a fan hooked on his face as a voice modulator. The plan was already in motion and there was still no better candidate to unite the criminals of the station.

After ripping the fan off his face, Malek pinned down Mad Mel as Galenus performed a fake surgery and Severan explained the situation. He was receiving a cog-trigger that would detonate his brain if he were to ever go against the instruction. He would have to unite the stranded gangers, unifying the slo-mo commerce and pay the full Tithe with it. Hypatia helped with “taking care” of his personal guard. After the surgery performed, the Warband took Maeve servo-skull and left Mad Mel alone, downheartedly picking up his fan from the ground.

DH4: Shuttle shootout
Der Untergang of the gangs

Quick summary of the events

  • A shootout broke out between the One Eyed Jacks and the Warband
  • The latter was victorious, unscathed
  • The group captured a shuttle previously belonging to Zeidle, and one of the gangers.
  • Using the shuttle mounted lazguns, they destroy the shuttle bay where fighting was still ongoing
  • The shuttle and the prisoner was delivered to Inquisitor Surano.

Detailed log

The Warband and a handful of One Eyed Jacks were scrambling for their weapons as the shuttle bay was emptying itself of oxygen. With the first salvos, brutal events started unfolding. Malak, jumping through the now broken viewport, landed amidst of gangsters but declared one of them, closer to the shuttle as his mark. Ignoring the glancing projectiles, he closed the distance to make a mess out of him. Meanwhile, Hypatia and Galenus opened fire on a few gangers that were attacking from a catwalk while Severan went to a vantage point on top of the shuttle. In the maneuver, his void suit got slashed and started losing pressure.

Given the efficiency with which the war band was dispatching its targets, added with a call to stand down by comlink and intimidating outcome of Malek extracting organs from the poor sod he faced, the last member of the One Eyed Jacks left in the room surrounded. During the final stages of the battle, Galenus initiated the liftoff procedure by opening the hangar door.

The Warband rushed into the shuttle with their newly acquired prisoner. Given that Galenus was piloting the shuttle, Severan took the role of the interrogator. As the questions were asked, Galenus opened fire on as much hangar door as possible, hoping to inflict as much damage as possible to Jack’s headquarter.

Severan managed to learn a plethora of useful information, mainly on the what happened a few months back, when the balance of power shifted and the tithes stopped being paid. 3 months ago, Interrogator Maeve would supposedly have taken down Zeidle or at least blew up two factories. Furthermore, the Warband learned that the Galus’ Gauntlet was part of the festival 4 months ago. They also managed to extract the information that the mysterious Chosen Ones, a name recurring in their investigation, were (And maybe are still) part of a Rogue Trader’s crew. Last but not least, they learned Inquisitor Maeve was killed by Mad Mel and he kept her servo-skull. Some more information was found in the ship’s log. Indeed, it seemed like the ship belonged to Zeidle’s and was carrying a shipment of slo-mo headed towards Lesalia, specifically to the 17th Limberry regiment.

Before returning to Mad Mel with victorious news and accusations, the Warband decided to do a quick stop to Masa Surano’s star yacht, delivering the news, the shuttle and the prisoner. With them retelling the end of Interrogator Maeve, her taskforce completed its secondary objective. She didn’t seem unsatisfied with the Warband for once.

DH3: Fostering conflict
"Regards from One-Eyed Jack!"

Quick summary of the events

  • Sledge received a crippling wound. Further altercation between the Warband and Sledge’s Hammer was mostly averted as the latter were tricked into sending an impromptu attack on the Jacks.
  • Commotion in the city and the Enforcer’s station lead the protagonists to the Shuttle Bay B, where Jacks and Hammers were in an open war.
  • The Warband joined in, trying to cause as much damage as possible using space hatches against their opponents.

Detailed log

Kill with a borrowed (chain)sword

Keeping the act of the potential dealer, Alexander agreed to prove the strength of his group by declaring a champion to face Sledge’s. Malek, being the perfect candidate for the job, was initially selected. Hypatia saw this as an order to stand down, instantaneously leading to insubordination by proclaiming herself the Warband’s champion. Stepping into the ring, she was pointed to a melee weapon rack. Carefully considering her options, she immediately unsheathed her shotgun to end it all quickly but the Twin Hammer-wielding brute was already upon her, deflecting her weapon. As the two opponents exchanged glancy blows and scattered shots, Alexander, Malek and Galenus stood silently on the side awaiting the outcome of the fight.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Severan landed after a successful grappling hook maneuver. Spotting a hole opening on the main loading bay in the durasteel roof coating, he started expanding it using his knife. Quickly modifying his disguise as something thug-like, he then silently took aim with his sniper rifle through the roof and shouted:

Regards from One-Eyed Jack!

As the rifle sound resounded through the hangar, chaos exploded. Sledge’s leg was hit by a bullet. Men were roused and sent at the pursuit of their mysterious attacker, some getting access to the rooftop and others starting to chase one foot in the streets. Severan’s street-sense and fleet-of-footness took him quickly out of reach of the mob.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity

This disorder made them completely forget the rest of the Warband, assumed innocent thanks to Alexander’s quick-witted subterfuge. They were able to reach the rendez-vous point at Masa Surano’s Star Yacht that Severan reached after making sure he was not tracked. The group quickly noticed a clear agitation in the city and to get more information on the situation, headed towards the Enforcer Station.

There, Severan flashed his (voided) Enforcer badge and was able to extract some information. The unrest sprung from the vengeful assault lead by Sledge’s Hammer on the shuttle bay used as Headquarters by the One Eyed Jacks. The Enforcers chose to wait and provide security to the rest of Paletton. Either to cause more destruction to the enemies of the Eternal Throne, or to further the trust given by Mad Mel, the Warband chose to join the fight.

Before launching themselves into battle, a strategic resupply was highly needed. The party hence stopped at the general store with this purpose. A plan with exposure to Void was budding in Severan’s mind and it became an intention to requisition a Void suit. To ease the business, Alexander used his Psyker’s talents to influence the merchants’ mind. Not everything went as planned: the forces of the Void caused an electro-magnetic distribution using him as a conduit. The tugging on Galenus artificial limbs caused filled him with terror to the point where we violently left the store, screaming. The commotion caused by the Void Anomaly made the requisition still much easier. The Warband found and calmed down Galenus.

In the void is virtue, and no evil

The Shuttle Bay B was a tall building, stretching over many floors. A column in the middle could be used by ships to dock to one of the four individual loading areas by floor. Entering the structure, the Warband tracked the main battle following blood, gore and gunfire crackle. As the group was moving up the staircase, they were met by a falling corpse falling form he top of the stairwell, confirming the location of the skirmish. Along the way, Hypatia grabbed a few bloodstained bandanas of each gang.

Once on the top floor, the group sneaked into the control room of the first loading area. There, Galenus jacked-in the console and managed to open the door to space. Tens of belligerents of both gang were expelled to cold its of the Void.

The Warband then tried to recreate this feat in the following counter-clockwise loading area. Before reaching it, they met with a duo of Sledge’s hammer. Unholstering pistols, chainswords and shotguns, the group was ready to face the charging thugs. As the latter was walking in front of the loading area’s door, they were cut to pieces by a volley of gunfire from hidden One Eyed Jacks. With that, the Warband decided to go around the shuttle bay clockwise: encountering control rooms before loading areas that could possibly filled with gunners.

Reaching the next clockwise control room, they met with a handful of One Eyed Jacks guarding the control room. Using the previously collected bandanas, Severan pretend to be one of their, wounded and fell on the ground in the room. One of the thugs exited the room, expecting to have distant enemies to face, but was met with the rest of Warband’s ambush. The second member tried to tend to Severan’s wound but ended up being treated by his shotgun. The rest of the gang members were promptly disposed of.

This created a unexpected problem. The gruesome techniques of the Warband left the control room and its console painted in gore. Galenus categorically refused entering this place “Damned with lifeless biomass that the was not touch by the Omnisiah anymore”. A plan to depressurize the whole level was then devised. Going back to the first control room, void suits were donned by all and the airlocks were open, effectively removing all oxygen on the floor. The previous loading area, in which control room thugs were faced, was still shut tight. A few gunshots to the viewable of the control room changed that quickly.

When the thugs noticed that the pressure was leaving, some rushed to don void suits and others ran to a parked shuttle. Both factions unholstered their weapon, each on either side of the now broken bay window. The silence of empty space gave at the illusion of a calm before a storm.

RT#21: Rack and Ruin

The party and pilgrims were stranded in the middle of a mine field. They had been spotted by a band of gretchin, seeing them as easy pickings. However gretchin are terrible, terrible shots. Failed volleys forced the gretchin closer and closer in an attempt to land a shot. It was hard to keep the pilgrims calm and steadfast amongst the hail of bullets. But just as the shots started to hone in and strike the ground the pilgrims stood on, a hapless gretchin triggered a landmine. Panicked, the gretchin fled back to the safety of the city ruins. But they were scattered, and as they fled, more and more landmines went off. When the dust settled, there was a clear and blasted path from the pilgrims to the ruins. Praise the Emperor.

The traders were cautious about leading the pilgrims into the close confines of the ruined outskirts. They opted to scout ahead, quickly spotting an Ork Waaagh banner: clumsy constructions meant to watch over the perimeters of ork encampments. They snuck up, keeping to cover and then launched a surprise attack on the tower. Unfortunately, they had not spotted the second tower and Tor was caught in flanking gunfire. The party reacted quickly, aiming to take out both the gretchin gunners and the towers themselves. But they were not fast enough to prevent an SOS being sent out.

Tor caught hold of a wounded gretchin and interrogated it for information. The wretched thing kicked and bit and struggled in Tor’s hands. Eventually, it spat out the name, Nubz, and that more orks were coming. Tor thanked the creature, then slit its throat. He then found the radio that had been used and called to the other end. A gruff, grainy voice blared out. Tor attempted to deceive the greenskin by talking like the gretchin, but his orkish was not very fluent. The nob bellowed back “The Rokfists gon reck you humiez!”.

They now had precious minutes to prepare before much larger orks would come to investigate. Hoping to use the terrain to their advantage, Val went to rig an explosive trap while the rest of the party set up kill zones and choke points. But something went wrong, and Val’s explosive triggered prematurely. Val took the full force of the blast and was knocked back into a wall, falling into a crumpled heap. He was barely alive and would need serious care. But there was no time. Val’s body was pulled back to the safety of the pilgrims and Channa’s care as a squad of greenskins entered the ruins.

A giant nob, at least 8 feet tall and with fists the size of boulders, burst onto the scene. He was followed by another slugga boy, a gretchin, and a squig. Seeing the impending danger and fearing for his life, Asher drew upon the warp to protect himself. But when Asher pulled from the Warp, it pulled back. All of the air in the immediate vicinity, even that in their lungs, was pulled into the Warp. Everyone staggered for breath, and the greenskin charge faltered. The crew took this opportunity to open fire, downing the gretchin and squig.

Seeing that bullets would not stop the giant orks, Animyra unleashed her lidless stare. Asher, already in melee, was barely able to avoid her gaze. The Navigators power racked the Nobz head and it fell to one knee. Asher then called on the powers of the Warp once more. A voice in the back of his mind egged him on, and he pulled deeper than he had ever before. Asher’s sword blazed with unholy warp energies, and cut through both orks, plunging it into the Nob up to the sword’s hilt.

The orks were dead. The party was injured but alive. The pilgrims were haggard and bruised. But there was now nothing standing between them and holy site upon which Gallus had walked and bled so many centuries before.

RT#20B: Buried Treshur

Present day, Besselat assault

The pilgrims were exposed in the middle of the river and being set upon by the orks. The crew raced to their aid, using their battle experience to command the pilgrims into formations and to call targets. The pilgrims managed to finally overwhelm their attackers, but not without loss. Animyra, emboldened by the sight of the last ork fleeing upriver, drew Cervantes’ chainsword and ran in pursuit. Having the high ground on the bank, she leapt onto the ork, knocking him into the water. The giant, spinning teeth of her chainsword plunged down, spraying water, blood and gore everywhere. And with that, the fight was over. Returning to the ford, Tor and Val expressed concern that Animyra had been hurt; she was covered in blood. But she was fine, she had no injuries whatsoever. In fact, something about the slaughter seemed to have filled her with renewed strength and vigor.

Despite the losses, the pilgrims were encouraged by the sight of their pilgrim site in the distance. They had but to cross the cratered plains and the ruined outskirts of the city. The company set off towards a sign post that Tor spotted in the midst of the plains. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the sign was a very poor attempt at an orkish trap. It read “buried treshur”. Tor then uncovered confirmation of their fears: the remnants of an Imperial Guard signpost warning of a mine field. Everyone froze. Radioing back to base, they learned that the minefield had been set many years ago, as a defensive measure against the orks. One wrong step could spell disaster.

They couldn’t go back the way they came, they had been lucky to get this far without triggering any. They had no way to detect the mines either. They attempted to sweep for the mines using a weighted tether. But this triggered a particularily close mine. This set nearby pilgrims into a panic, leading to more being set off. Strong language and several gunshots brought the pilgrims back in line. Bob, the pilgrim, had had his leg blown off by a mine, and a dozen others lay dead. That’s when they heard the sounds of gretchin, coming to investigate.

RT#20A: The Tragedy of the Dawnlight Aquilla

Many years ago …

A young Animyra was riding the elevator up to the Navigator’s spire of the famous Dawnlight Aquilla. It was time to prove her skills as a navigator of the great house Atreides. Paeshka, still too young to undergo her own trials, wished her big sister good luck and promised to pray at the Emperor’s Shrine for her success and for safe travel through the Warp. Aniymra’s older step-brother, Antev, helped her into the navigator’s throne and promised to stay nearby during the journey.

Elsewhere on the ship, Tor was being called out from his crawl space by his adopted father, Lambert Viggo. They felt the ship’s warp drive rip a hole in space and move into the Warp. The ship’s faithful would be wanting to pray for safe passage, but it wouldn’t do to pray at a run-down shrine. Tor was needed for a quick repair job, replacing a hard to reach glow globe, so the light of the Emperor could once again shine upon the faithful. Excited to do the Emperor’s work, Tor scampered off to the other end of the ship.

The faulty light was easy to spot, but not easy to reach. It was more than two stories up, it’s flickering light illuminating the face of the Emperor’s statue. Undaunted, Tor began climbing the walls and ducts of the Shrine. Below him, a young girl was watching with both fear and awe. Gripping a buttress with his legs, Tor quickly replaced the faulty globe and golden light shone throughout the shrine once again.

The Astronomicon had faded away for Animyra, being replaced by an impenetrable darkness. The air had grown heavy and humid. Her feet were wet, and Animyra realized she must be standing in water. Unable to see, Animyra felt her way to a moist, ridged wall. A faint light. “The Astronomicon, there it is, thank the Emperor.” She slowly began making her way towards the light. Getting closer, it looked like she was approaching the mouth of a cave; silhouettes of stalagmites and stalactites blocking the light. She ran for the exit.

The entire ship shuddered. Tor almost lost his grip and the little girl screamed. No longer showing off, Tor quickly made his way down. Murmurs of concern filled the Shrine. The girl, introducing herself as Paeshka, worried that the ship had entered a warp storm. Tor suggested they find his father, who would know what was happening. Paeshka nodded and the pair set off.

It wasn’t water that Animyra was standing in. It was a river of blood. A strong gust, carrying a heavy voice blew past her. “What have you done?” Animyra spun around to see the giant face of her brother, Antev, staring down at her. “I’m so disappointed in you, little sister,” he bellowed. Aniymra withered under his baleful gaze. Then Antev opened his third eye.

Tor caught Paeshka’s hand as she was knocked from her feet. The ship had begun to come apart. Bulkheads were crashing down, exposed cables sparked dangerously, and air was quickly rushing out to fill the void. Paeshka’s eyes were beginning to glow. “My sister, something’s happened to her. We should find her. Oh no…”.

Animyra was wrenched back to reality. There was a sharp pain in her head as she was forcefully detached from her Navigator’s chair. “We have to get out of here!” yelled Antev. Everyone was running for the salvation pods. “The translation didn’t work. The ship is being pulled back into the Warp!” Animyra stood dazed and confused, until she remembered Paeshka. She pleaded to go find her little sister, but Antev said there was no time. He had to drag Animyra, kicking and screaming, into a pod. As they were expelled from the ship, they looked back, watching the warp rift snap close on the ship, like giant teeth, rending the Dawnlight Aquilla in half.

“We have to hide…” murmured Paeshka. Hers were not the only murmurs that Tor heard. The corridors were filling with shadows, and strange whispers, of things beyond. Paeshka’s hood had fallen back, and all 3 of her eye’s were blazing a brilliant blue light. She clutched Tor’s hands in a death grip and repeated her warning, “we have to hide!”

DH2: Gangs at war
The Strong, The Smart & The Ugly

Quick summary of the events

  • The War Band was detained by the enforcers but was bailed out by Masa Surano, their Inquisitor.
  • To make amends for putting the secrecy of the mission in jeopardy, the War Band received an additional objective of finding what happened to Interrogator Maeve that was investigating the Slomo drug ring at the moment of her disappearing.
  • Wanting to infiltrate the local gangs, the War Band met with Mad Mel that requested destruction of his competitor to win his trust
  • Partly investigating, partly complying, the war band assaulted / infiltrated Sledge’s factory. His trust will be gained through duel.

Detailed log

In detention

The War Band was blinded and knocked unconscious by Paletton’s enforcers in reaction to [[DH1: Introduction to Paletton | the commotion at the bar]]. As they were carried away, they were able to perceive, in their semi-wakefulness, the full extent of the authorities incompetence. Indeed, Galenus was carried down a set of stairs being dragged by one foot.

As they were phasing in-and-out of consciousness, each member had a vision of blazing phoenix. Instead of a bird like cry, an imposing voice seemed to come out of its beak: “Yes, these are the ones I need. Yes, these are mine”.

These words merged with the ones being produced by the vox-grill emitter of a power armour. The silhouette speaking, almost yelling, was exceptionally mad at the official overseeing the detention center. Indeed, the War Band was jailed following their arrest. The choleric individual was clearly a female and, from her Aquilia visor, the War Band recognized her as the Inquisitor that assigned them to this mission: Masa Surano.

Her ire shifted to the War Band. They were supposed to be discreet. “It is not by blowing buildings up that the tithe problem is going to be solved.” Severan, ever so diplomatic, tried to calm the situation but Hypatia, being true to herself, didn’t help the situation when it came to complying with authority. Surano’s taskforce was indirectly introduced to the official being berated earlier, the Pontifex of the Station, Magnus Paruta. He left a very bad first impression of a spineless regent that got into power from a twist of fate, unable to deal with the gangs to establish proper tithe on the station. After convincing Hypatia to move to the point of a gun, Surano walked her team still in chains through Paletton to the space port where her Star Yacht, was awaiting.

Further investigation

Once on the bridge, a mechanized system removed Surano’s armor revealing a dark blue dress, giving her the regal appearance of noble from the high-spires of a capital world. In spite of Severan’s attempt at soothing her wrath, the onslaught of critical remarks continued. To make amends, the War Band received a supplementary objective to their mission. Inquisitor Surano was here to investigate the disappearing of Interrogator Maeve that was on Paletton following the lead of the Slomo, a drug plaguing the capital world of Lesalia. This was now the task force’s responsibility. After a quick debriefing by Galenus, the Inquisitor tasked Alexander to report on the Psyker incident at the bar.

Apparently, Slomo had taken root on Paletton’s station too. After donning disguises created by Severan, pondering on their next course of action, the War Band stumbled, chainsword first, on a junkie in an advanced state of Slomo addiction. He was convinced to share his usual source for a fix; Surano’s team was not surprised that he procured his drugs from the gangs. Serendipitously, as they were done with this man, a voice hailed Alexander. It was Justus, a long time “acquaintance” of his that clearly didn’t receive much respect from his part. Alexander and Severan manipulated him into introducing them to Mad Mel.

The Smart

Justus lead the War Band into hab block B. The deeper they went, the more unsafe and derelict it became. They were lead to an empty, very small apartment where Justus told them to wait. Expecting a trap, the War Band got into defensive position.

The task force was surprised by a television turning on. Mad Mel’s image, a mechanically enhanced individual with a synthetic voice, greeted them. He was proud to the point of arrogance of his “Superior intellect”, for not falling into any potential trap of theirs. Severan and Alexander, pretending to have a good shipment of drugs aboard the Star Yacht, convinced him of a potential deal. The War Band would have to gain his trust first, by crushing the other gangs.

The Strong

Without much planning, the task force agreed on visiting Sledge’s lair first. Perhaps his trust would be easier to win, or, worse come to worst, he would get Purged, hence removing half the competition for Mad Mel. Severan attempted to infiltrate through the top windows of the factory, but only got the guards attention through a gunfight. He had to resort to hiding on the rooftop. Trying to take the attention away from him, the rest of the War Band, lead by Alexander, stepped into the main floor of the factory.

They were greeted by a fighting ring. Sitting on a throne of crates, Sledge inquired about the reason of their visit. Without second thought, Alexander gave away the intrusion of Severan. Sledge made clear that he only respected power and if he was to hear a business proposition, the team would have to show might. The Psyker provoked anyone in Sledge’s assembly to a duel. A large man with a hammer of equal proportion stepped into the ring. Using another team member without hesitation, Alexander declared Malek his Champion. The Knight stepped into the arena, revving his chainswords.

DH1: Introduction to Paletton
Bar fight!

The War Band received the mission of investigating the lateness on tithe payments from Imperial Mining Station X18999. Hand picked by an Inquisitor shrouded in mystery, the band was thus composed:

- Severan of The Noble House Letram, acting as face, brain and face & brain destroyer for the group.
- Alexander: Fresh-out-of-Terra psyker specialized in Void stabilization and veneration. He hails from Paletton.
- Hypathia Echo: Cold-hearted gunslinger always doubting authority, exposing true and hidden intentions. Has a keen eye for investigation and aiming.
- Malek: Chainsword enthusiast knight originating from a medieval feral world.
- Galenus: Techpriest with am compulsion of “enhancing” bodies. Hired to mend or break anatomies.

Being ordered to wait for further instructions, the War Band was lead by Alexander to one of the less-worse establishment in the Grits. As they were sipping on their liquid refreshments, a physical encounter was initiated by Sledge’s Hammer, a gang lead by Sledge, on the matter of the War Band selection of table. As the situation escalated, an explosive device was revealed from underneath the table. Mad Mel‘s men, sitting in a shaded corner, claimed the planting of the device and it was promptly returned to them by Galenus. As Malek was showing physical supremacy over Sledge’s men, a group identified as working under One-Eyed Jack sprang from behind the bar and open automatic fire on all current patrons. These were dispatched by a common effort of Hypathia, Severan and Alexander, the last two combining Psyker-borne ethanol-based fuel and power-slided ignition.

During the encounter, unbeknownst to the War Band, including himself, Malek created a minor Void-reaction, stabilized by Alexander. This resulted in a powerful magnetic surge, jamming all weapon and tugging on the very limbs of the metallic Galenus. The War Band assumed that some gang members had unregistered Psyker abilities.

Two men were captured. One from Sledge’s Hammer and one from One-eyed Jacks. The War Band extracted information from Sledge’s man, learning about the gang war that erupted following Zeidle‘s death. Some Outsiders completed the Gauntlet of Gallus, dethroning Zeidle from his position of power and initiating the gang war. It was also revealed that Mad Mel’s men were trying to “Fix Zeidle Machinery”. As the War Band considered extracting information from the surviving One-Eyed Jack, the Enforcers declared a raid on the bar, and the band was engulfed in a bright light that made them unconscious.

RT19: Trench Warfare

As the garrison of troops sallied forth to meet the Orks on the field of battle, the pilgrims were taken back to the shelter of the Imperial Base and the RS Caliphrate. Meeting a harried Colonel Thaddeus Rossmat the party were filled in on the situation. Warboss Ironsnagga seemed to have been drawn out by the RS Caliphrate coming in to land. This meant Rossmat couldn’t spare any troops to help retake the pilgrim site while fending off the orks. However, the larger battle would draw most of the orks away from the Eastern front. In addition, the supplies that their ship had brought included several artillery batteries which the party could use to cover their approach. Still, being an active warzone, the party couldn’t make it alone. 100 pilgrims volunteered to retake their holy site and fight as Gallus had on this world.

The party and pilgrims set forth to cross the blasted wastelands of Besselat. They kept to the trenches surrounding the base as long as they could, taking supplies from dugouts and dealing with small parties of gretchin. A larger group of orks and squigs was vaporized by a well-placed artillery strike. Knowing that a river crossing was inevitable, the party opted to cross at the ford, rather than be caught in the exposed muddy valley. However noone heard the wartrukk barreling down from upstream. It was loaded with a dozen ork boyz and was driving straight for the middle of the crowd of pilgrims still crossing the stream. Several well aimed shots from Tor busted the engine block and driver. The trukk careened wildly, crashing into the far bank, but not before running over several pilgrims. With terrible warcries the remaining orks set into the helpless pilgrims. It was a bloody melee that made the waters run red.


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