Legrica 40k

RT1: Shadows in the Night

Five bold adventurers are aboard the First Through the Breach, recently indentured to the service of the powerful and influential rogue trader Captain Cervantes Borré. They are Guts, Imperial Navy medic, brutally injured in battle, and now more machine than man; Torian “Tor”, both master and victim of the void, closer to his ship and weapons than most people; Val, the pickpocket who now uses his talents as the ship’s master of coin; Animyra, feared and revered as the devastatingly powerful navigator with her third eye; and Haleth, the bitter veteran of an orkish invasion on a now burned agri-world. Each work directly under Mael Halon, second in command and, while not a blood relative, heir to Captain’s writ of trade. Cervantes has groomed this company to take up a new warrant and plumb the far reaches of the Legrica sector for the glory of the Imperium (with some consideration for expanding their own wealth, of course).

On a routine journey, the ship picks up some extraordinary passengers: Sisters of Battle, protecting a sacred container of some sort. En route to their destination, in the depths of the warp, the ship’s Gellar field is breached, and wispy forms of shadow made solid spring from the darkness to eviscerate the hapless crew members of the First Through the Breach. Our five heroes sprang into action, fending the shadows away from the barracks with laser and steel.

RT2: Amaze of corridors

After hacking their way out of the barracks, our heroes found the rest of the ship had been similarly infested by dark and deadly demons from the depths of the warp. In brutal close-quarters fighting, they led the charge through the maze-like corridors of the ship, avoiding debris, cutting down demons, and sealing off sections to slow the advance of their foes. Several crew members fell to the monstrosities. All the while, foul energies tore at the ship, which shook, shuddered, and whispered of the warp. Eventually our heroes were able to cut through to the cargo bay with another wave of demons hot on their heels.

RT3: Something wicked this way comes

Bursting into the cargo bay, our heroes poured firepower in all directions, cutting down swarms of malevolent spirits like the Emperor’s wrath. The two Sisters came to their aid, bravely striking down more of their assailants. Just then, a horrific monstrosity burst from the depths of the ship: glowing red, covered in chitinous plates and steaming gore, it quickly skewered one of the sisters and split the group. Our heroes managed to escape inside the chamber containing the holy relic while the second sister bought time with her life. They scrambled to find a way to open the box as the room began to heat to boiling and the door began to melt away, and just as all seemed lost, there was a bright flash…

RT4: Any port in a storm

The party slowly come around to a disturbing silence. No battle, no screams, no rumbling of the ship. They pry open the door and find the cargo bay completely burnt out, the other face of the door melted down to slag. Vox casters crackle back to life as the Captain announces return to real space, an end to the chaos, and for all veteran crew to report to the bridge. The party make their way through the devastated halls and as they approach the bridge, hear the sounds of shouting and then a gunshot. Inside, ship’s Astropath lies on the floor in a pool of blood. Cervantes is raving madly about her having attracted the demons. A crew member gives a quick report of the damages, and loses his head for delivering such bad news. The Captain asks about the Sororitas and their cargo. With such heavy damages, he charges the party with a mission to find help and arrange for repairs from a voidstation barely appearing on the broken auspex. Cervantes grants them access to a salvaged Thunderhawk and the party leaves the smoking ashes of their ship behind them.

RT5: Down & out in space

Date unknown

Our heroes arrived on Imperial Mining Station X-18999 and chatted with some local dock workers, learning about a powerful criminal gang that ran affairs on the station, the presence of an influential Ecclesiarchy outpost, and the nominal leadership of the local Administratum wing. The group headed to the Administratum offices, forged through several layers of bureaucracy with deception and directness, and met with the station prefect Helena to seek her aid in procuring the necessary materials and expertise to repair the First Through the Breach. They were firmly rebuffed. However, it was hinted that if the local gangs could be brought to heel, more support could be forthcoming. The group also met with the local Ecclesiarchy leader Magnus, and learned that the festival of St. Gallus would soon be celebrated, with many attendant competitions and events – the winners of which would gain great favour with the Church of the Emperor, and access to its considerable resources on the station.

RT6: The first trial of St. Gallus

The first event would mirror the first tale of St. Gallus in the breaking of the siege of Tophan II. While records indicate that St Gallus had held the title of Admiral for many years prior, it was not until he turned back the green tide on Tophan II that he made a name for himself. To reflect the gruelling trench warfare, the event would be held in the abandoned Hab Block C, which had never finished construction. Turret platforms were set up at the far end of the construction zone, to provide a sense of the constant pounding of mortar and las fire. The party and another dozen eager contestants would act the role of heroic Imperial Guardsmen, putting their faith in the Emperor and charging forth to overwhelm the Ork threat. Through the use of well placed smoke grenades, and sticking to cover, our heroes slowly advanced down the hall as crowds watch above and on pict-displays all over the station. Several of the inexperienced civilian contestants fell to turret fire as they blindly charged ahead. This provided ample distraction to remove several turrets and destroy their platforms. In the end, our heroes were the only ones to have crossed the finish line. Magnus congratulated them on their first step to becoming champions of Saint Gallus.

RT7: A hive of scum and villainy

Date unknown.

Haleth and Tor went to investigate the local fighting pits, well known by citizens of the station to truly be run by Zeidl and his nefarious crime family. They witnessed the formidable prowess of Zeidl’s lieutenant Pak in the pits as he used some sort of substance to increase his already fearsome fighting abilities. Haleth demanded to see Zeidl and burst into to the gladiatorial arena’s observation box, aided by well-placed sniper shots from Tor. One of the gangers was able to utter threats and point in Zeidl’s direction.

A small boy stole Tor’s bolt pistol Lucky, causing the group to chase him with Tor in a murderous rage. They were able to track the waifish pickpocket to a run-down alley, where he tried to give it to his sick father to be pawned and buy the family a few more days of rations and heat. The father told our heroes of a new narcotic being processed and distributed by the crime organization which caused the user to perceive time at a slower rate.

Suddenly, a group of armed gangers burst on to the scene, intent on making an example of the old-timer and getting rid of the pesky off-stationers who had been making a ruckus. They were promptly removed from the equation in a flurry of violence, during which Animyra unleashed the lidless stare of the navigator to terrifying effect. As our heroes searched the bodies for clues (and usable weaponry), the sound of heavy jackboots rang from all sides as a heavily armed and armoured phalanx of Arbites judges surrounded the group and brought them in for questioning.

RT8: Rumble in cell block 4

Chained in a holding cell in the local Aribtes precinct, our heroes overheard the wails of a child next door, and a woman visiting her – it seems that this child was being kept from the Black Ships of the Inquisition’s psyker purges by a certain highly ranked member of the Administratum. Zeidl and Pak arrived and renewed their threat to reveal the child’s nature to the Inquisition if their operations were interfered with further. They entered the group’s cell to taunt, threaten, and torture the prisoners. Haleth and Guts managed to escape their restraints and a desperate scuffle ensued. Zeidl drew a mysterious shuriken-firing alien weapon which Haleth managed to tear from his grasp, while Guts engaged Pak. Zeidl was able to throw down a gas grenade and escape into the corridor. Haleth followed, only to be disabled by Arbite reinforcements in Zeidl’s pay. Once again restrained, Zeidl gave them a taste of the drug as he slowly drew his knife over them, making the experience seem to last for agonizing hours. Eventually his anger grew to boredom and with a final threat he left.
After the encounter, a small golden servo-skull descended from the ceiling, claiming to be a link to an Ordo Xenos interrogator named Maeve on the case of the time-slowing narcotics dealing ring, currently crippling the sector capital of Lesalia. Arriving on the station looking for the source, Maeve identified the group as fellow outsiders with the skills and means to crack the smuggling ring and find the source of distribution. In return for their cooperation, Maeve alluded to Inquisitorial support and resources to repair the ship.

Our heroes were let out of the cell and escorted to the site of the next trial of St. Gallus, commemorating his miraculous survival in the jungles of Yu-Guo, where he recovered an important tactical aquilus and unleashed flaming devastation to purge orkish forces.

RT9: Welcome to the jungle

Our heroes hacked their way through the dense foliage of the station’s abandoned bio-dome, fending off feral grox, swarms of starving cat-sized rats, and enormous centipedes with a tendency to explode in plumes of foul and acidic ichor. They managed to recover a replica of the sacred Aquilus, as well as two flamers from concealed spots in the jungle. They made their way to the exit and were congratulated for completing the second trial, being among the few to have ever made it this far.

Upon leaving, they took the opportunity to recuperate and resupply. They then met with Maeve’s servo-skull, who told them the shipping manifest for the SloMo ring was being carried by Zeidl’s lieutenant Pak, and that they would need to access it without alerting the crime family to the fact that it had been downloaded.

RT10: A Genuine Tavern Brawl

The party had been requested by Maeve to surreptitiously acquire the shipping manifest from Pak, recently spotted with his mates down in a tavern. However it soon became readily apparent that our heroes werent very adept at the whole sneaking business. Guts burst into the tavern and immediately rushed Pak, only to have his cogs wrenched, literally. Animyra called on the local enforcers to stop the brawl, adding to the confusion in the bar. And Val used the distraction to sneak into the back and loot through Pak’s bags, finding the dataslate and quickly making a copy. With a nod that the job was done, Guts “dropped” a promethium canister and made for the exit. Tor let off a shot from his sniping post, and the entire bar exploded into flames and smoke. Everyone beat a hasty retreat through the chaos as citizens scattered and enforcers rushed in to fight the fire.

Decrypting the data, they realized Zeidle would very soon be meeting with someone named Caeditz, out beyond the station. They had heard this name before, the man supplying Zeidle and the slo-mo ring with illicit xenotech. The party quickly made for their shuttle-craft and blasted off to catch the two criminals. The marked location was within a part of the system that the station inhabitants liked to call “The Graveyard”. A region of space that had seen a great battle between Neragath and Loyalist fleets during the sector’s Civil War, now a giant debris field. However, the Graveyard was not quiet this day. Three ships were spotted near the Graveyard, each a different scale than the other: a vagabond-class merchant vessel, seemingly intact but unpowered; a small havoc-class raider, bristling with firepower; and the smallest guncutter shuttle. Obviously outclassed by the raider, our crew circled around to the merchant vessel to investigate. Perhaps they could claim this salvage as their own, rather than repairing their own vessel. But first they had to deal with the ghostly clanging coming from down the long halls, devoid of light, gravity, and air.


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