A small grey world, bearing the scars of constant wars. The landscape is nothing but ashen wastelands, littered with unexploded ordanance. The fields are raked with row upon row of long and deep trenches, watched over by old or ruined fortifications. Orbital bombardments and artillery shells pock mark the surface. The craters they leave behind, the only topographical landmarks on this ravaged world.


Besselat was Gallus’ first step into the Rokfist Reach, home of the Orks plaguing the system. It was also the site of his first defeat. Here, the Orks were truly unending. For every ork that Gallus smashed, two more would take its place. For every front that he pushed forward, another would be overrun. The landscape slowly turned into what it is now.

The frustration built until Gallus made the very rash decision of challenging the Ork Warboss directly. While the orks and imperial troops filled the trenches with each others blood, Gallus and the Warboss fought above. And the next part is why some of the Ecclesiarchy of the Segmentum Solar dispute Gallus’s sainthood. The Warboss won. It happened up above the trenches for all to see. Gallus was knocked from his feet, the warboss had him pinned. The greenskin reached down, there was a sickening pop and the sound of tearing flesh as Gallus’s arm was torn from his body.

As the warboss turned to his boyz, holding up his prize, Gallus rolled into the trenches and managed to escape. He actually retreated. But losing an arm would not stop the Saint. He forged a new one, a better one. He would take his defeat, and use it to fuel his rage and hatred for the Orks. He pulled his forces back, rethinking his strategies, looking for another avenue, and this eventually led him through the Fovoham Narrows.

With the Imperial retreat, the remaining orks got bored and abandoned the planet as well, for the most part. Since the great crusade, Besselat has seen continued skirmishes from both sides. But nothing like the a thousand years ago. Now it is just a handful of Imperial Guard regiments watching over crumbling fortifications, and bands of forgotten orks looking for something that isn’t already smashed.

System name: Besselat
Star type: yellow
Elements: barren planet, radiation bursts, asteroid ring, gas giant
Planet Besselat I – zone: inner, size: small, climate: barren, day:20hrs, satellites: tiny moon
Gas Giant – zone: outer, composition: ammonia, size: giant, gravity: powerful, satellites: small moon


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