Navigator Houses

Major Navigator Houses of the Legrica Sector

There are only three Navigator Houses of any importance operating in the Legrica Sector at this point.

Magisterial House Corrino
This Navigator house is powerful enough to maintain holdings on Holy Terra. They are an ancient house, steeped in tradition and rich with knowledge. So ancient in fact, that there are rumours their Navigator gene has become corrupt. It would explain their reliance, some call it an addiction, to a special concoction of drugs that they use to enhance their Warp senses. This is a widely known, but never discussed fact. Any mention would forever damn a prospective ship Captain, and anyone in association with the fool. Their Navigators are almost as decrepit and mechanical looking as a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Most are hooked up to an array of life support systems that feed and maintain their bodies, as well as supplying the concoction of drugs to enhance their abilities. Their house sigil is a golden lion.

Shrouded House Vernius
This house is extremely secretive in their ways and warily guard their collection of warp charts. They are suspicious of everyone, even their own. They constantly employ spies and assassins. Their house symbol is three purple eyes, one to look for danger ahead, one to look for danger behind, and one to look into the Immaterium.

Nomadic House Richese
This house is fairly unremarkable apart from the number of competent Navigators it produces. They are commonly used my merchants and chartist captains. They abide by a creed to never set foot on a planet. Their inability to understand planetary references results in frequent miscommunication. Most captains treat them as a peculiar but necessary addition to their crew. Their sigil is a lamp, lighting the way forward in the dark of night.

Navigator Houses

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