Previously Imperial Mining Station X-18999. The station has reverted to it’s original name after the arrest of it’s Administratum Prefect, Helina Kyrinov for harbouring an unsanctioned psyker. This re-branding was an attempt by the provisional leader, Pontifex-Astral, Magnus Paruta to appease the station’s remaining workers, after the vast majority left on the pilgrimage he had dreamed of leading.

The voidstation is used to mine the valuable and explosive Trepanyte from the asteroid belts and to recover valuable scrap from the gravitationally turbulent Graveyard, remains of a naval battle from the start of the Civil War.

(Below is the old Station Travel Brochure.)

Imperial Mining Station X18999 Travel Brochure

Home to almost a million citizens, who risk their lives everyday mining the asteroid field to supply the Imperium with the raw ore and minerals needed to keep our society functioning! Feel free to visit all of our wonderful locals.

  • Void Docks: No doubt where you arrived in your transport class ships, and were quickly replaced by the ore and metals that we ship out. Each dock is also equipped with void doors to create a dry dock for emergency navy ship repairs.
  • Shuttle Bays: The busiest section of the station, housing over a thousand mining vessels. Be sure to say hi to foreman Joe Galustian. His family has been running the docks since the station was built!
  • The Grits: If you are looking for culture, look no further! There are venues here to satisfy any need you may have. The Pits are always popular with the locals.
  • Citadel: The pilgrim vessel, The Deliverance, docked with us half a century ago. They loved our station so much they never left! For a place to sing praises to the God-Emperor, head to the Citadel.
  • Hab Blocks: Looking for an extended stay ? Rent a home in Hab block A for views out over our lovely station, or in Hab block B to look out at the twinkling of the scrapyards. Our 20 square meter homes are 20 times larger than the servitor stations!
  • Sanctum Officio: The beating heart of our station. Home to the Mechanicus temple, astropathic relays, court houses and medical facilities. And at the head of it all, Prefect Helina Kyrinov; making sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Welcome to X-18999!


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