Gangs of Paletton


Seen only vicariously by pict-display, in a constantly shifting room of a rundown hab cell, this rogue Tech-Priest leads The Cogs, aka Mad Mel’s Men. He believes the key to victory is having a superior intellect and that he is the only one smart enough to run the gangs on Paletton. He is secretive and scheming to a fault.

Might makes right! And only the strongest should be in charge. This is the mantra of Sledge and his crew off veteran Pit fighters. They favour large melee weapons and heavy shotguns. Their gang colour is blue. They operate from the Grits, the seediest parts of Paletton, having taken control of several old factories.

Jack may not be the best shot, but you don’t have to be with a heavy stubber. He believes in quantity over quality, and runs with the largest gang in town, sporting a sea of green. His base in the old shuttle bay, previously owned by Zeidle, has now been overrun and all but destroyed due to a combined attack by the Hammers, the Inquisition, and the local enforcers.


Gangs of Paletton

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