Helina Kyrinov

[imprisoned] Prefect of X18999


A short and stern woman in her late 50s. She is always seen in her regulation administratum garb, her white hair tied up in a tight bun and leaning on her cane.


Traditional, conservative, imperial, bureaucratic. Cranky.

She believed that running a tight facility would impress the Administratum and improve her family’s standing in the sector. Particularly, that of her granddaughter, an unsanctioned psyker. She hid her away from the world to hide her family’s shame and try to suppress the psychic manifestations, but could not bring herself to kill her beloved granddaughter.

Unfortunately Zeidle learned of this, and used it to blackmail the prefect. He gained complete control of the station and was able to manufacture and ship his narcotics with impunity. The cornered rat blurted out Helina’s secret before being put down by Maeve, the interrogator. Maeve was also unimpressed by Helina’s secret and confronted her about it. Some crazy things happened in the holding cells that are no longer talked about. But Magnus has had Helina imprisoned for endangering the station and has assumed role as prefect in her stead.

Helina Kyrinov

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