[deceased] Ordo Xenos Interrogator


A mysterious figure that likes to work from the shadows. She tends to contact the party with her small golden servo skull, her voice masked by heavy modularization.

Only in the most dire of circumstances does she emerge. Her face is mostly hidden behind a large golden cowl that matches her long hair. But there is a glint of a cybernetic eye under her tall, black, wide brimmed hat. She wears a black leather coat, and an inquisitorial rosette hangs from her neck. Her weapons of choice are two very large, stripped down conversion beamers which she carries in slings across her back. Her belts carry a powersword and bolt pistol.


An Ordo Xenos interrogator. Maeve is on the case of the time-slowing narcotics dealing ring, currently crippling the sector capital of Lesalia. Arriving on the station looking for the source, Maeve identified the party as fellow outsiders with the skills and means to crack the smuggling ring and find the source of distribution. In return for their cooperation, Maeve alluded to Inquisitorial support and resources to repair the ship.

Maeve finally revealed herself during the drug bust that served out inquisitorial judgement to the gangers. In a failed attempt to bargain for his life, Zeidle revealed that Helina’s granddaughter, hidden away beneath the Sanctum Officio, was in fact an unsanctioned psyker. Maeve went on to confront the Prefect and dispose of the warp taint. But before she could pull the trigger on the helpless child, Haleth Crowborn shot her through the back of the head.

Tor spotted her golden servo skull waving goodbye as they left X18999.


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