Masa Surano

The Hunter, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor


Masa Surano is quite unassuming at first; petite, young and somewhat reserved. In reality, she is cold, calculating and the reason space pirates can’t sleep at night in over 7 sectors.

While only 5’ tall, her custom power armour allows her to engage with a dozen opponents at once. It is as strong as an Astartes’, and as sleek and agile as a Sororitas’, while clearly not of either design. It is dark grey and black, with glowing lines of red energy. Her helmet sports a visor in the shape of a fiery aquilla. And she weilds an overcharging plasma based arm cannon that neither plasteel nor ceramite can stop. She firmly believes in the saying that the keenest blade is righteous hatred. Her formative years consisted of purging entire sectors of space pirates and xenos alike, giving her the moniker, The Hunter. In one instance, Masa destroyed an entire planet harboring a pirate base. Her ruthlessness resulted in the loss of countless innocents who shared the planet, but such was their fate for associating with enemies of the Imperium.

She is very young for an Inquisitor, appearing to be in her 30s. Her true age is a closely guarded secret. But she possesses more knowledge than most Inquisitors five times her age. When not pursuing bounties or hunting for xenotech artifacts, Masa is seeing to her vast research station in deep space. It contains knowledge from across the galaxy and is likened to the Black Library of the Eldar. Knowledge is power, guard it well. This is her creed. And none but the Inquisitor herself knows where her space station is located.

nirTwxb.jpgHere, on her research station, and when duty calls for her to associate with the Adeptus and Noble Houses, rather than the ilk living below them, are the rare occurrences when she removes her power armour. Underneath the cold, hard shell, is a very petite woman with long blonde hair. Her blue body glove is as fine and exotic as the power armour which she wears on top of it. What appears to be a tiara is in fact a visor that connects her to the wealth of information at her disposal. But as demure as she may appear, even without her power armour, even without her compact plasma pistol, Masa can easily take on opponents twice her size.

She is truly a frightening character. Beautiful but deadly, with the knowledge of all your fears, and the ways to make them true.


Masa Surano

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