The Chosen Ones

Mysterious recurring group in Surano's investigation


5 Members

Race, gender, name, age… everything else is unknown for now


Excerpt from Galenus’ notes

Very little is know about this mysterious group.

Also known as The Outsiders. Also known as The Traitors by Helina Kyrinov

They were/are crew members of a Rogue Trader ship.

They completed Galus’ Gauntlet, some sort of trial making them gain the trust of the pious people. This happened 4 months ago during a festival.

Seemingly, they are the cause of the Downfall of Paletton for many reasons.

  • According to the Pontifex, all the Good Men left on a pilgrimage with them to star a pilgrimage from Lesalia, leaving only the the scum and the villainy.
  • According to a captured Sledge’s man, the war erupted because the Chosen Ones completed the Gauntlet, hence dethroning Zeidle from his position of power.
    They were present during the raid against Zeidle.
  • Someone is lying! In either case, their are the cause of the gang war and the complete stop of tithe payment. Given his incompetence and advantage in the situation, I believe the Pontifex is lying.
  • Prefect Magnus Paruta was put in power, leading to a loosening of the Eternal Empire’s grip on the station. He was put in power after the previous leading official, Helina Kyrinov was imprisoned for harbouring and unsanctioned psyker, her granddaughter. I trust the Omnisiah’s touch: my servo-gut feeling tells me they are the one. According to Magnus Paruta, the Psyker would have died an horrible death.
    He lied. She died quickly and painlessly from a firearm shot.
  • Indeed, after interrogating Kyrinov, we learned that she entrusted her unsanctioned Psyker granddaughter to them, hence receiving their “Traitor” sobriquet. They would have “taken her” somewhere. Death is still uncertain.
    Death is confirmed. Maeve was about to kill her, before she was killed herself by someone unseen from a camera feed. Another shot killed the girl.

Current hypothesis

The Rogue Trader crew is a group of greed-driven heretics. They arrived in Paletton for some reason and saw an opportunity of exploiting / installing a slo-mo drug ring. To obtain the local’s trust, they won the Gauntlet of Galus and obtained a job interview with Maeve. Using the Imperium’s ressources, they dethroned Zeidle creating a gang war, which they were able to exploit to their advantage.

To make their grip on Paletton tighter, they had to remove the current Pontifex (Was she good at her job? Merciless? Did she know about them?) They managed to find that she was harboring an unsanctioned psyker and revealed it to the Inquisition. Kyrinov got emprisoned and they delivered the Psyker to the inquisition. Maeve might have started to wonder about their good nature or they just wanted to leave no clues behind, so they killed both the Psyker and the Interrogator.

Then, to work for their delivery or drug-related enterprise, they started a Pilgrimage to Lesalia, securing both transportation and potential workforce.

The Chosen Ones

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