Torian "Tor"

Pilot and Marksmen


[ Player Specific Data ]

Origin Path
Home world Void born
Birthright Stubjack
Lure of the void Renegade
Trials and travails Calamity
Motivation Renown
Career Void-master


  • Alone for so long, almost any calibre of camaraderie is worth sacrifice . . . almost.
  • The Warp is my home and my hell. That paradox finds its way into almost everything I touch.
  • They said the Emperor’s light could be found everywhere. I’ve seen otherwise.


  • Tor has a lot of respect for Haleth, due to his combat ability and similar prejudices. Tor will follow Haleth into pretty much anything, even the calamities Haleth himself makes . . . though he’ll probably complain about it.
  • Tor finds Animyra to be the most mysterious of the troop, and is intrigued by her past (higher-end upbringing, third eye). While too socially awkward to ask outright, he will take any opportunity he can to find out more.
  • Tor doesn’t trust Asher, and will try to prevent them from forming bonds with his crew mates.
  • [Val bond to fill]


Short-term: [to fill]
Long-term: Tor has always harboured a secret wish to have a dog, his weapons being a substitute. By voyages end, he would like to have a dog.

Torian "Tor"

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