Cervantes' Swords


Pistol hilt: 1d10+3, pen2, X, 5m, tearing, concussive(2), best
Chainsword: 1d10+3, pen3, R, balanced, tearing, intimidating, best
Powersword: 1d10+6, pen5, E, powerfield, proven(3), best

proven(X): any die roll less than X counts as X instead
intimidating: + 10 intimidate/command


An intimidating chain sword with large razor-sharp blades. The sound of it’s motor, like gnashing teeth, is enough to send chills down the spine of your enemies.

If that wasn’t enough, the hilt also has a custom bolt pistol built into it. It’s compact size means it’s very inaccurate outside of melee range, but it packs concussive rounds able to throw a melee opponent off balance.

The power sword is so large that it becomes unwieldy if not used with two hands. It has seen many battles and proven it’s worth. The blade is battered and It’s powerfield crackles with life and an otherworldly tinge.

Cervantes' Swords

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