Legrica 40k

DH6: Closing the book


Quick summary of the events

  • Reported completion of the two previous missions
  • Received the mission of finishing Maeve’s job
  • Found and killed Sledge, but suffered major wounds

Detailed log

Shopping and Shipping

To strengthen the Warband’s ties with the newly established ruler of the underworld Mad Mel, Severan tried to obtain a voice modulator usually entrusted to the members of the mechanicum. Although the idea was considered thoughtful, the scarcity of that equipment made it impossible to find one and had to be replaced with a “Get well soon” card.

After this shopping, the Warband made for Masa Surano’s Star Yatch to report the success of the mission. She displayed a stronger interest towards her late Interogator’s servo skull. After sending the proper prayers and making the required ointment offerings to the metallic husk, Galenus extracted and displayed the skull’s last recorded memories.


From the skulls point of view, Interogator Maeve could be seen talking to a human of small stature, bound to chair. From the collected information from questioning her, it was easy for the task force to guess that it had to be ex-pontifex Kyrinov’s psyker daughter. The interogator raised her firearm towards the child. A flash of light and a resounding detonation later, Maeve laid on the ground, killed by a shooter outside of the servoskull point of view. Within the following seconds, another shot was fired, bringing death to the child.

Following the death of its master, the servoskull flown away to hide in a ventilation shaft and emitted an emergency beacon. The video feed was sped up for an unknown amount of time to revert back to real time only to display the familiar red figure of Mad Mel followed by his mooks. It seems that Mel prefers that secret network around the city.

Completing the report

A recurring, pestering group of individuals kept turning up in the Warband’s investigation: the Chosen Ones. A report on their subject was made to Surano. By accessing Maeve’s notes in the Servoskull, the protagonists were able to find how they were linked to Maeve and what she knew about them.

They were 5 members of a Rogue Trader crew and became the Chosen by completing the Gauntlet of Galus, occurring during his festival. After seeing their prowess, Maeve tried to hire them to investigate the slo-mo ring. It was also revealed that they were part of the raid against Zeidle.

Given all that new observation and that the mission was accomplished, Surano bestowed a second mission on her Warband. They would need to take the Maeve’s mantle and complete her investigation on the slo-mo ring. The clues collected during this Paletton mission are all pointing towards the capital of the Legrica Sector:an Hive City in the Lesalia system. Furthermore, the heresy of killing an interrogator cannot go unpunished: the task force will have to show to the perpetrator what is the price of crossing the Emperor’s Will.

Bringing down the Hammer

Before leaving the station, the Commando wanted to secure their inside man Mel’s power over the station. To do that, the last of the opposing gang leaders had to be killed. The party made its way to the grits’ arena, where rumour said Sledge was hiding.

The arena was a dug down pit where spectators could watch from the top level surrounding the main battleground. Severan, Malek, Alexander and Galenus jumped down, the latter two staying a little bit behind. Severan went to investigate a closed door where pit fighters could prepare for their battle. Behind it, three burly warriors wearing blue were protecting their wounded boss, Sledge. Malek promptly provoked him to combat and havoc exploded.

It was a bloody fight. Galenus and Alexander were firing from safety of distance as Malek single handedly fought multiple aggressors. Severin, using trickery and sheer speed, tried to perform the age old tactic of ‘kiting’. Galenus shots revealed too accurate for his own good: he managed to get Sledge’s ire directed at him and Alexander. He wasted no time to start beating them into a pulp. Luckily enough for the two of them, Malek had brought swift death to Sledge’s goon and helped bringing the final, bloody, chainsword blow. Bloodied but still alive, the warband made its way back to the spaceport to leave for Lesalia.


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