Ionos, Irmos, Issat

Ionos, Irmos and Issat: the hammer, hoe, and pickaxe of Legrica

Ionos, the hammer, alpha grade forgeworld
Most of the planet is choked by smog and smoke produced by the continent spanning manufactourms. The tropics experience persistent and violent storms of lightning and acid rain. The forges produce everything the sector needs; munitions, ships, and infrastructure. The cult mechanicus pride themselves that their forges never stop, just as the world never stops spinning. In 24 hours, Ionos completes 5 full rotations. For most, this would be maddening. For the adeptus mechanicus it is life.

Irmos, the hoe, a rich spring
This planet is quite placid, home to low hills, calm seas, and sprawling flood plains. Most farmsteads double as houseboats, and trimarins are as common as plows. The main space ports are large floating oceanic cities. Farmers wait until the seasonal floods to transport their crops to these cities for sale. The seasonal floods deposit unique minerals that make for rich soil. So unique in fact, that the first settlers who drank the water on Irmos keeled over and died. The water, or something in it, turned out to be poisonous. Yet the same waters result in unusually large and bountiful crops, enough to feed many systems.

Issat, the pickaxe, a ball of iron
From space, it looks as if some creature has used the iron ball to vent their frustrations. The surface of this dry, barren and rocky world is gouged with long and deep canyons. But these are not natural. They are made from enormous drills that scour the planet, churning up the ground as they move from one deposit to the next. The drills are followed by large caravans that sift through the rubble and recover the ore, eventually exporting it offworld. Motor gangs are common, and canyon jumping is a glorified but dangerous pastime.

System read outs…

System name: Ionos
Star type: red giant
Elements: large asteroid, gravity riptides
Planet Ionos I – zone: inner, size: medium, climate: barren, day:5hrs
- Resources: [tech, tech, tech]
- Satellites: [dust ring, debris ring, tiny moon]
Gas Giant Ionos II – composition: silicate, size: massive, gravity: weak
- Satellites: [debris ring, dust ring, tiny moon, small moon, dust ring]

System name: Irmos
Star type: blue
Elements: asteroid ring
Planet Irmos I – zone: belt, size: large, climate: terran, day:22hrs
- Resources: [organic, organic, organic]
Planet Irmos II – zone: belt, size: large, climate: tundra, day:20hrs
- Resources: [minerals]
- Satellites: [medium moon, tiny moon]
Gas Giant Irmos III – composition: cloudless, size: dwarf, gravity: weak
Gas Giant Irmos IV – composition: alkali, size: dwarf, gravity: titanic
- Satellites: [small moon]

System name: Issat
Star type: neutron
Elements: large asteroid, radiation, gravity
Gas Giant Issat I – composition: water, size: dwarf, gravity: powerful
- Satellites: [small moon, small moon, small moon]
Planet Issat II – zone: outer, size: large, climate: barren, day:21hrs
- Resources: [minerals, minerals, minerals]
- Satellites: [medium moon]

Ionos, Irmos, Issat

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