Leunt-Lorenth, hive city of the Lesalia system, Imperial capital of the Legrica sector, home to the Notherab dynasty

Leunt was the original capital of the Notherab dynasty. The many noble houses of Leunt all carried a strong military background, leading armies in both the Gallus crusade and the following civil war. Their city had a large Administratum presence and was the obvious choice to become the capital.

Lorenth was a large urban city nearby, encroaching on Leunt. It was a primary source of drafted guardsmen. After the tithes eased following the Gallus Crusade, the population exploded. Lorenth continued to grow and sprawl until it surrounded Leunt entirely.

The two cities have now fused into one; Leunt-Lorenth. However they remain very much separate. The Leunt central spire has grown over 3 km tall, raising itself above the common man. Yet even from the tallest spires, all one can see is the sprawl of Lorenth (making it about 200km radius). Traffic between Leunt and Lorenth is heavily monitored by noble house honor guard.

During the sector civil war, the Notherab dynasty emerged from Leunt, leading the war effort and eventually winning the war. It was then that they declared the Leunt-Lorenth hive city of the Lesalia system as the Imperial Capital of the Legrica Sector. But the civil war had its costs. At a low point, Neragath ships came close enough to bomb the surface of Lesalia. But they did not use traditional bombs, as that would have little effect on the sprawl of Lorenth. Instead the Neragath had developed an insidious chemical bomb that permanently poisoned the atmosphere. Billions died from the gasses. Now, the first thing to touch a baby’s face is a gas mask, oxygen bars are commonplace, pressurized gas tanks are hoarded, and millions of ventilation units require constant tending. All the while, the pure atmospheric domes of the Leunt nobles sparkle like glass bubbles in the sky of the Leunt spire.


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