Legrica Sector

The Legrica Sector was first discovered by a group of Explorators several thousand years ago. Preliminary surveys indicated an abundance of resource rich worlds and signs of ancient civilizations. But catastrophic events at the heart of the Imperium meant that further exploration would have to wait. The first real expeditions were led by Saint Gallus during his crusades into the sector to wipe out an Ork host. However, as most know, completely destroying the Orks is an impossible task. After almost a century of war, his forces were exhausted and the crusade came to a halt, then Gallus disappeared. A brief period of prosperity followed, as the remaining generals secured subsectors now free of Ork taint. The Neragath dynasty took control of much of the sector, having retained much of it’s military might from the Crusades. But the whispers of Chaos took hold and the Neragath dynasty eventually became the Neragath Empire. The sector was plunged back into war as loyal nobles and generals, and even scoundrels and pirates rallied together. The Civil War was almost as devastating as the final years of the Crusades but in the end the Neragath Empire was smashed. Recovery has been a long process and real progress at reclaiming the sector for the Imperium has only been attained within the last few hundred years.


The Emperor’s Bastion is the most well developed region in the sector. Home to the hammer, the hoe, and the pickaxe of Legrica, these 3 systems supply the vast majority of the sector. The sector capital is located on the hive world of Lesalia. The security of this region is maintained by the vast munitions stores on Eagrose and the watchful eyes of those on Besselat.

Gharyn’s Pass is a lawless realm. As recompense for his services during the war, the pirate king Gharyn was allowed to take possession of the ruins of the Neragath capital, Goug. But he uncovered buried secrets and now his power rivals that of any other sector noble dynasty. While he has not significantly hindered Imperial progress, it is considered dangerous for any vessel to travel through the subsector without escort.

Retsinnal’s Realm is a cold and grim expanse of empty space, ruled by the equally cold and grim High Lord Retsinnal III. He is plagued on all sides: pirates to the north, insufferable nobles on vacation to the west, and penal colonies to the east. His family lost the most during the Civil War, having poured all their resources into the fight and securing victory for loyalist forces, only to be rewarded with their homeworld, Limberry, being sabotaged by the Neragath planetary bombs.

The Krast Demesne is the distant frontier of the Legrica sector. These worlds are required to be largely self-sufficient because they are cut off from the Emperor’s Bastion by both the Rokfist Reach and the Fovoham Narrows. Lord Beron Krast rules from Lionel, the last planet that Saint Gallus was seen before vanishing from history.

The Rokfist Reach is the unassailable home of the Ork remnants following the Gallus Crusades over a thousand years ago. The abundance of thick asteroid fields, many of which are filled with explosive Trepanyte, are virtually impossible to navigate by ship and are what caused the crusades to falter. There have been no successful surveys of the region that have returned.

The Fovoham Narrows is a mysterious, calm in the midst of a thick, nebulous region of space. The worlds there seem to have been affected in strange ways and the natives are wary of Imperial colonizers. The region is of much interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus after ancient technology was discovered on the icy planet of Besselat.


Legrica Sector

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